ncis 011210 320 'NCIS' 150th episode: Robert Wagner steps in as Tony's fatherFathers — is there anything they can’t do? Speaking as one, I’d have to suggest that no, we’re in fact omniscient, omnipotent, and wholly infallible. Tony’s dad, Tony Sr. (Robert Wagner) — whom we met tonight on the 150th episode of “NCIS” — would totally agree.

Papa Tony came into the picture after a bomb blew up Saudi Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan’s car and the Saudi Prince’s aide, Walid Abbas, who happened to be standing next to it at the time. Papa Tony wasn’t really involved in the case, even though he knew Sayif’s father. It was just random happenstance that Papa was in town at the time. He tried to capitalize on the coincidence by attempting to get money from Sayif’s father, but that was just Papa’s personal good fortune and not a setup.

The real story tonight, of course, wasn’t with the prince and his bomb, so let’s dispose of that quickly and move on, shall we? I liked the untrue terrorist attack solution to the case better than the Walid-did-it-to-himself-when-he-was-actually-trying-to-kill-the-prince one. I might have made Sayif the killer and Walid the true target, but I did like the addition of the prince’s brother having been the one to order Walid to plant the bomb. Sayif’s general attitude wasn’t worthy of murder, but the boy definitely needed a stern talking to.

And then there was Tony and Tony.

Tony Jr. was completely off his game tonight. Without a doubt that was his father’s fault, but Tony put himself into a pretty bad position when he was supposed to be watching the prince. OK, yes, he was doing yoga (with an attractive instructor) when Gibbs found him, so it was a pretty good position physically, but not so much, you know, job-wise.

One of the more amazing things to me about tonight’s episode was the conversation Tony and Tony had in the hotel lobby. Junior spent time complaining that his dad was never there for him growing up, and Senior tried to point out (unsuccessfully) the good times. I think Junior would have really appreciated that conversation had he been on the outside of it.

Junior, of course, is a huge movie buff, and that conversation was a scene from a movie we all know and love. If you take that moment and set it almost 70 years ago onboard a zeppelin heading out of Germany, you’d have a classic moment from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” I like to think that the producers definitely had that in mind when they wrote the moment in tonight’s episode.

It was also interesting that Gibbs intervened in the Tony/Tony relationship issues. Gibbs clearly has enough problems with his own dad, but maybe that’s why he was able to see things so clearly between the DiNozzos. Everyone around could see that father and son had a lot in common and that Papa Tony was a smooth operator (and an excellent member of the show’s ever-expanding universe), but only Gibbs could really get to the core of the issue. His conversation with Senior didn’t really take, but Junior absolutely listened when Gibbs talked with him tonight. Plus, Junior did the right thing in the end, and I think he only did the right thing because of Gibbs.

One more thought: I loved meeting Papa Tony but was disappointed to find out that he’s not the rich guy we’d been led to believe. Wagner was great as a con man, but there was more of a mystique to the idea of Tony being a rich man’s son than there is to his being the son of a con man (or am I imagining that?). Good for Tony not calling his dad on the lie, but I think I liked things better before. I’m not really unhappy with what happened, just not sure that I love the change.

Bits and pieces:

  • So the first thing Papa Tony did was mack on Ziva. Apparently all DiNozzos are into her.

  • Speaking of Ziva, her hair does look good down.

  • Mismatch Monday? Does Abby do a Wacky Wednesday or Flip-Flop Friday too?

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