mark harmon ncis 320 'NCIS': Abby visits Gibbs' pastOut of all the openings I’ve ever enjoyed on “NCIS,” the one we got this week ranks right up there. The poor little eight-year-old boy who got to crush the car with the dead Marine in the trunk is going to need some serious therapy (think about what would have happened if the boy had known that the guy’s feet were missing). At least Gibbs gave him an NCIS cap – ‘Happy birthday Tommy, in lieu of us paying your therapy bills, here’s a hat!’

The dead Marine was Corporal Ray Collins and he was not the greatest of guys. He was going to be dishonorably discharged, he was certainly making money under the table, and he liked motorcycles (okay, that doesn’t make him evil, but those things are not safe).

If you ask me – and the basic implication of your reading this column is that you do – the fact that Collins was wearing a high tech, fancy shmancy, GPS watch was kind of cheating. The GPS watch gave the team the exact route that Collins had taken the day before on a run, and so Tony and Ziva were quickly off to find out exactly why Corporal Collins spent two hours not moving in a single semi-desolate spot. That was just too easy.

Now, the problem with Tony and Ziva heading into the field to do the legwork was potentially two-fold. First, there was the fact that Ducky probably could have told Tony and Ziva that Collins hadn’t moved because he had been knocked unconscious and was having his feet cut off during those two hours. Second, and what would have been more of an issue, was that our killer had been chopping a bunch of feet off in the back of a truck and after killing Collins, the killer opted to not move the truck one millimeter, even though it had his trophies in it. I had some trouble with that one, and more trouble with the fact that they didn’t stake the truck’s location out because the killer would definitely be going back to get his prizes.

Happily for me, Tony and Ziva, while they didn’t vocalize the idiocy of the truck being left there, they did provide a reason for it. Collins wasn’t killed by the serial killer, Collins was the serial killer and was killed by someone else. That’s why the truck didn’t get moved. But, until they worked out Collins was the killer someone still should have been staking the thing out.

As much as I love serial killers (even though we learned Collins wasn’t a serial killer, he was a killer for hire), I liked Abby’s story far better. Alejandro Rivera invited Abby down to Mexico to have her teach a forensics class and to make some time with her. It would have been a great plan on his part if Vance hadn’t sent McGee down too. Now, we’ve had some implications of a possible relationship between those two, but Abby certainly didn’t want him horning in on her trip to see Alejandro (especially as McGee had been acting so weird around her lately).

Abby, McGee, and her class quickly found themselves running afoul of the local drug cartel. It was the perfect opportunity for McGee to step up, save Abby, and in doing so get the girl. I was so pulling for him to work it out. He actually almost did, opting, as an NCIS agent, to stand in for Abby and the class. I think he could have gotten lucky with Abby that night if he hadn’t brushed with tap water.

Oh, you want the really good stuff? The cold case Abby was working was the murder of the guy who killed Shannon and Kelly Gibbs, the guy Leroy Jethro Gibbs shot. Abby knew. Gibbs knew Abby knew. Gibbs and Abby both knew that Abby was led down the road to find the evidence against him. Me, I’m thinking it is probably Colonel Bell behind the whole thing.

The real questions now have nothing to do with whether Gibbs will stop loving Abby if she turns him in (I don’t believe he ever could), it’s whether or not she does turn him in and what is going to happen to our beloved hero. To me, it looked like she was learning towards doing it, but we’ll just have to see. It appears as though it’s going to be an excellent end to the season.

Odds and ends:

  • ‘Now the most important thing about this Tommy is that you do not tell your mother.’ Words to live by.

  • The Chat Roulette stuff (even if they didn’t call it that) – go McGee!

  • I don’t care what anyone says, I want McGee and Abby together.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser