david dayan fisher 1 'NCIS' actor David Fisher: Battery charges droppedBack in September, “NCIS” and “Burn Notice” actor David Dayan Fisher was locked up after allegedly choking a neighbor who hung swim towels on Fisher’s fence. He was booked on felony battery charges.

Now, the charges have been dropped. Fisher struck a deal with prosecutors. He plead guilty to a much more minor disturbing the peace charge and was sentenced to pay a $50 fine — but even that was written off by the judge.

“I was set on by a bully who asked for trouble and lost his fight. He
then goes running to the teacher and spins his lies. This is the case,” Fisher tells TMZ about the violent altercation. “I have not punched someone since I was at school. That was 27 years ago. This seems to be an instant karmic justice for a bully.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie