It’s a new day for the “NCIS” gang when Trent Kort returns, filled with the promise of self-reformation. Oh, who are we kidding… this is freakin’ Trent Kort we’re talking about here. This time, it’s all about the benjamins!

¡Sí, el Spoilers puede!

Where there’s heavy gunfire in the District, Trent Kort can’t be far behind. This time, he has his grubby little paws on a lead to nail a crime boss he’s been after for quite a while… one Mr. Siravo. One call to Gibbs drags the gang into returning a favor for our shadowy figure. Two dead bodies at the scene reveal only the beginning of the appetite for destruction.

First on the suspect list is Perry Sterling, Siravo’s accountant. He plays nervous very well, resembling an acid reflux magazine ad instead of the criminal mastermind he really is. He demands immunity before he’ll spill anything, which Vance and Gibbs reluctantly agree to, but not without making the whole experience quite uncomfortable for our portly fellow. Vance does his best not to kill Kort by playing “nice” and allowing him access to some information. Kort, in turn, tries to return the good tidings to DiNozzo, who I’m sure would rather drown himself in the Reflecting Pool than say one good word about him.

The death count is on the rise when a pirate boat linked to Siravo explodes halfway around the world. Lucky for the gang, Abby is able to gleam a name linked to the boss (Victor Flores) and a method for communication (crappy MMORPG) to lure the second-in-command to an open area. Problem is, even with the decipher, McGee and Abby inadvertently send a kill order in addition to the meet and greet request. Kort and Gibbs arrive to find two dead bodies: Victor and Luther Rake, the man presumably sent to kill Victor. It’s about this time Perry is moved to a “musty” safehouse.

Yeah, he was getting on my nerves too.


Using the power of the barbershop quartet, Ducky and Jimmy determine the four dead are all connected, but it’s Gibbs who provides the horse manure link to Connect Four! At the same time across town, two shady men are on the move to take out Perry. While DiNozzo stashes him away in the bathroom, Ziva masterfully takes the two baddies out in short order. Later, they are most eager to rid themselves of Perry when the U.S. Marshals arrive.

The gang acquires the location of Siravo’s ranch, only to find him incapacitated when they bust in. It is evident Siravo hasn’t done much of anything in recent times, what with the being hooked-up to a ventilator and whatnot. This inevitably leads to Trent Kort being the leak and primary suspect. Of course, Kort’s running his own agenda by intercepting the transfer of Perry to protected custody. He knew our gassy accountant was stealing the Siravo savings and was operating under a less-than-clear chain of command. The marshals don’t know this, shooting Kort in the shoulder to halt his advancing, who in return shot the marshal in the knee. Gibbs and the gang arrive just in time to save a bloody scene from occurring.

In the end, the CIA got the money, NCIS nabbed another from The Wall and Trent Kort returned to the shadows from whence he came. The best part is that Vance gave Gibbs quite the ‘Atta Boy, which allows Leroy to crack quite the wide smile.

Another job well done.

Posted by:Brandon Millman