cote-de-pablo-paley-320.jpgWhich PaleyFest panel up to this point has received the rowdiest audience reaction upon being introduced?

“Lost”? “Modern Family”?

Um, no.

Instead, that honor goes to “NCIS.”


It was like a Jonas Brothers concert. For women over 50.

The crowd went a little crazy during the nearly 90-minute event, shouting their reactions to everything from the cast’s favorite episodes to “Tiva” (the unofficial name for the Tony-Ziva relationship).

And speaking of “Tiva,” the audience seemed to be split on whether or not they want the two to become an actual couple.

We talked with Cote de Pablo (Ziva) before the panel and asked for her take on what went down between the two when they recently shared a hotel room in the City of Lights.

“I’ll give you the short answer,” de Pablo teases in the video below. “Michael (Weatherly [Tony]) has his views of what happened in Paris. I have mine. We haven’t discussed it. But all I can say is it was good.”

So while what happened in Paris might not be clear to viewers, de Pablo wants the onscreen flirtation to continue.

“You know, I think as long as these characters are onscreen together, there will always be unfulfilled sexual tension,” Cote said. “And I think that is something people enjoy and we definitely love playing with that.”

Check out the clip below for more from Ms. de Pablo as she spills what she knows about the end of the season.

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman