mark harmon ncis 320 'NCIS': Damon Werth and fast carsDamon Werth, former steroid taker and one-time mercenary is probably not the greatest witness in the world. And yet, a witness is exactly what he was with this “NCIS” case. The fact that he broke into Gibbs’ house and was seemingly involved in some other illegal stuff with folks who probably got his friend, Heatherton, killed didn’t speak very well of him either. Plus, he claimed to have blacked out and thus couldn’t remember what happened. Yeah, he was definitely somewhere on the list of suspects even if he most likely wasn’t the guy.

It may have been a roofie that caused Werth to black out, but even Gibbs knows that he can’t trust Werth — Gibbs may kind of like the former marine, but he still gave him the drug test. I know, you’re going to say that Gibbs clearly trusts Werth because he allowed Werth to get on the truck of our interstate trafficker, Aaron Szwed, and that if Gibbs didn’t trust him that never would have happened. I’m going to tell you right back that Gibbs sent Ziva along as well because Gibbs knew that Werth couldn’t be left alone with the baddies. But, that’s just how I see it.

It was kind of an odd episode though, there was very little case to the case. The team just went with the theory that Werth’s buddy was murdered by Szwed because of the interstate trafficking (which turned into a hijacking). They didn’t seem to look anywhere else, they solely operated based on Werth’s information. Okay, maybe you’re right, maybe Gibbs does trust Werth (or maybe they just didn’t know where else to go). Szwed was doing illegal stuff obviously, but the leap from illegal activity to murder seemed liked a pretty large one.

How did it all boil down to “Cannonball Run?” And why, if it did boil down to that cross-country car race movie, did Tony not reference the classic flick? Szwed was apparently all perturbed about losing a fancy-schmancy car in a race for pink slips (I know a Barracuda and a Maybach — nice cars, but I’d rather a Veyron) and the theory went that Szwed killed Heatherton for costing him the race. Man, that would have made Szwed a really bad dude, wouldn’t it have? Killing someone over a car is totally not cool. I’m not suggesting that killing someone over a hit-and-run they witnessed is, Devoisier was certainly a bad guy, but to me that felt more reasonable than just losing an expensive car in a race.

Let me ask you this though — Werth and Ziva? That’s all just a bunch of hooey, right? Tony hates that guy so I’m assuming that Ziva did the peck on the cheek thing solely to tweak Tony. I don’t think that if Werth and Ziva got together that would preclude Tony and Ziva getting together at a later date, but I just don’t believe the show is going to head down the Werth/Ziva road. Even McGee made it clear that he thought Tony and Ziva were sleeping together. There’s just too much potentially happening in that relationship at this point for them to bring Werth in for anything more than a quick laugh at Tony’s expense. Right?

Odds and ends:

  • Gibbs is going to be locking his door now? Margaret Allison Hart must have really rattled him.

  • I respect Tony for trying to sleep in a massage chair, I couldn’t do that.

  • Can McGee really not handle a couple of all-nighters? I know Gibbs is the man, but I expected better from McGee than that.

  • Who doesn’t like Fornell?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser