ncis cote de pablo michael weatherly 320 'NCIS': Fornell, organized crime, and lie detectingWhen this episode of “NCIS” started I was like ‘Dude, that Navy guy jogging in the dark should, like, totally not be running there. The dude’s totally going to get shot… dude.’ The Navy guy did get shot, but he wasn’t the only dead guy found at the scene of the crime; it started off as a two body night, I always enjoy that.

Our first body, the Navy man, was Scott Robuck, he was just a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time guy, as the other body was that of Stefano Delmar, a nice fellow who was involved in some organized crime and who had recently turned state’s evidence. It was all federal related this week which meant that Fornell was back – another thing I always enjoy.

Want a third thing I enjoy? How about a mole hunt leading towards a pretty massive explosion that comes within minutes of killing Gibbs and Fornell without actually hurting them. That happened too as it seemed the FBI had lost a couple of witnesses prior to Delmar and the trail led back to the outside company doing polygraphs for the Feds… an outside company that had been using Susan Grady (the NCIS woman interested in McGee earlier in the season).

I imagine that if Susan, the only person from the company to not perish in the explosion, had been the leak, as it was hypothesized by Gibbs and Fornell, it would have really hurt McGee. I know that he wasn’t (initially) interested in Susan, but I imagine that to have a crazy and kind of evil person in love with you has to be… difficult. As it turned out, Susan wasn’t the only one to not get exploded. That, in my book, instantly made her not the murderer, but clearly not without blame for something either.

Gus Templeton was the janitor and the guy missing from the explosion. Gus was, for the record, a moron. He was the kind of guy who instantly admitted to knowing the explosion wasn’t an accident when the media reported it was and who had just bought a boat that cost more than his yearly salary. I have never understood that sort of thing, how can people be that dumb – you hide the money, you buy small things, you take a few trips to Vegas and claim to have won, you don’t just suddenly buy really expensive stuff.

I wouldn’t want you to think I’m down on janitors though, foolishness isn’t limited to them. Susan wasn’t guilty of anything but taking computer files off-site, but she wasn’t a terribly bright bulb either.

McGee, for reasons I can’t understand, apparently decided at the end of the episode that he actually wanted to get to know Susan better. He asked her out and she turned him down thinking he was just being nice. Honestly, I’m quite happy with her reaction, I found Susan really annoying and for McGee to date her might mean that we would have to see her more often. McGee getting turned down could – fingers crossed – mean that Susan is gone for good.

Fine, you want me to be nice to her, I will. It was only because she brought computer files home that Gibbs and company were able to peg a crime on Judge Evelyn Wallace this week. The judge apparently had a problem with criminals turning state’s evidence (she figured they still ought to pay for the crimes they had committed). The judge had given out info to other bad guys about Delmar, who had appeared in her courtroom (and about other witnesses who hadn’t). It was when the judge tried to cover the evidence that the explosion occurred (the guys she hired were only supposed to take out the data center), and she ended up having to go to Susan’s home to get the computer with the files that could incriminate her. The only hard evidence that may have really existed against her was a hair found at Susan’s, but apparently the judge took a deal anyway. I don’t think I would have, I think I would have waited for the forensics and still tried to spin it somehow, but the judge didn’t and the episode ended.

Odds and ends:

  • Gibbs has both divulged classified information (the line seemed to move there, but I could have read it wrong) and committed a felony. Nice to see him get a partial lie detector test.

  • Gee, was that a Black Eyed Peas song from their album “The End” at the start of the show? Without it having been so clearly advertised to me I never would have guessed.

  • Wow, was Abby jealous or what.

  • Don’t get the Gremlin wet? Gibbs knows movies!

  • “We have hit a Shamu.”

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Posted by:Josh Lasser