ncis mark harmon 320x180 'NCIS': Gibbs goes back to MexicoIn an outstanding first part of a two-part “NCIS” season finale, Gibbs continued to find himself under the gun. His somewhat illicit past actions were coming to light and someone was pulling the strings. Gibbs isn’t the sort of guy who enjoys being yanked around, and consequently he was kind of on edge. He’s good that way.

It all started four days before the opening scene (except for that pesky Pedro Hernandez murder from years earlier), when a body was found dead on the beach not too far from the Naval Academy… and right around graduation time too. It wasn’t a naval cadet though, no it was Special Agent Lara Macy. Surely you remember her, she was in charge of the NCIS: LA team in “Legend” last season before Hetty Lange was put in charge (sometime after “Legend” but before NCIS: LA premiered). Macy was the one who ruled Gibbs shooting of Hernandez justifiable and didn’t bother to include any evidence to the contrary that she uncovered. Her being dead may actually have been good for Gibbs, being that she knew the truth of the shooting and all.

Early in the episode we learned that Macy was working a case that involved the rape of a Petty Officer, Kaylen Burrows, but Burrows was unwilling to discuss the issue with Macy. As serious as that was, the real question was if that rape case related in any way back to Gibbs and/or Hernandez. If it didn’t, Burrows’ rape wasn’t going to be relevant to Macy’s murder. Guess what, it wasn’t relevant.

Last week I hypothesized that it was Bell who was shoving the Hernandez murder front and center, and Gibbs had the same impression tonight. When he ran into Allison Hart in the hallway, any semblance of cordiality between the two was gone, at least on Gibbs’ part. He even referenced Bell which meant that the Colonel was on his mind. Plus, Hart was standing behind Vance when the NCIS jefe called Rivera down in Mexico. As someone with limited access and no real reason for her being in on that conversation, it was clear nefarious doings were certainly afoot.

It looked to me like Gibbs didn’t pick up on the possible Mexico connection with Macy’s murder until he talked with Abby for the second time tonight. It wasn’t until that conversation where Abby tried to push Gibbs from the Macy case to the Hernandez murder that anything clicked for Gibbs. Even Ducky knew that Macy had been killed because of Gibbs, shouldn’t Jethro have come up with it sooner? Gibbs still questioned the rape suspect and his father about Macy’s murder. I think though that he just did that hoping that it was the rapists who killed Macy, that he didn’t have to worry about his past.

Poor Gibbs did have to worry, Hart told Gibbs that Bell was on his way to Mexico and therefore on his way to Mike Franks (Hart seems to finally have recognized that Bell may not be the patriot she has claimed him to be). That meant that Gibbs was on his way to Mexico too, but not before Abby locked him into her office so they could talk. I think Gibbs did something great during that moment – he told Abby that he needed her to do her job, even if it meant turning in evidence that would point the finger in Hernandez’s murder to Gibbs. But, she didn’t stop him from leaving, so he was on his way to Mexico to take care of the situation there.

And that is where this episode both started and concluded – with Gibbs in Mexico on the beach seeing a whole bunch of dead bodies in the sand. I would say that next week we ought to get the final confrontation between Gibbs and Bell, but when Gibbs was being held at gunpoint at the end of the episode tonight, he was told that the dead body in the sand that he was looking at wasn’t Franks, but rather Bell. Oh boy should next week be good.

Odds and ends:

  • McGee doesn’t like smores? Sacrilege!

  • Rehydrating the burned finger to get a finger print? Disgusting but awesome.

  • Good for Abby listening to Gibbs and doing the right thing.

  • All hypotheses on the whom the bad guy is welcome (could it be Hart? The drug dealer lady from last week?).

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Posted by:Josh Lasser