Markharmon_ncis_240NCIS tries to show leaving gang life for a career in the service is one of the best steps any member can make. If you’re using your position in the Marines to supply said gang with military grade weapons, I think you’ve quite handily defeated that purpose.

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If you need a location for gang weapons training, why not try an abandoned warehouse. Wannabe Gangsta is learning from a seasoned pro on how to handle a variety of guns, but when the young dude pops a few rounds from the Tech 9, overhead glass shatters, allowing for a body to fall from the roof. Sensing a dead body might be bad news, the two hightail it out of there.

Poor DiNozzo. Seems a girl named Melinda ditched him, and McGee didn’t quite get a phone number when she called the office. Tony’s booty call will have to wait as Gibbs rounds them up for a visit to Liberty Heights. Our dead Marine is one Private First Class Emilio Salazar. He comes from gang life, but is trying to go clean, as evidenced by the gang tattoo removal. DiNozzo thinks the gang logo all around contains some cryptic message. Oh Tony, just wait until you hit the roof. Once there, McGee notices handcuffs that show PFC Salazar was up there for quite a while. The bigger find up on the roof is a string of numbers written in blood: 817657328G. Of course, Gibbs already has the number figured out, because it’s his Marine service number.

Vance returns to our screens, demanding to see Gibbs. Meanwhile, he’s more than happy to answer his phone and obtain all the details, knocking McGee down a notch in the process in the “Melinda” debacle. Some person associated with Gibbs will be in town later that day. Just then, he arrives, ready for the full PFC Emilio Salazar briefing. The young Marine finished basic training not too long ago, enlisting to escape the gang he was part of: Pecados Capitales (Deadly Sins) or PC for you and me.

Staff Sergeant Vincente Medina is directing many at the indoor shooting range when DiNozzo and Ziva arrive. He effectively corroborates what they already knew: that Emilio joined the service to escape gang life. SSgt Medina doesn’t have names to help DiNozzo and Ziva.

Once Ducky moves past the earlier shots inadvertently made by the target practice from the beginning, he reveals Emilio died from cardiac tamponade brought on by a single gunshot wound to the chest. Even worse was that the PFC suffered greatly before he ultimately expired. Ducky bigger concern is why Gibbs left the crime scene before he arrived… unheard of between the two of them before today. Before he answers, Vance arrives to the morgue, which prompts Gibbs to beat a hasty retreat.


Back in his office, Vance works his mojo to acquire Gibbs’ service file. Meanwhile, Gibbs arrives home to find who else but Mike Franks in his basement! The conversation is all business as he immediately asks about a woman named Rose. Gibbs knows this woman (somehow involved with his Special Ops days) is involved with the current case, if only because she knew to add a “G” to the end of his Marine service number. Not a bad idea, indeed.

In da hood, Gibbs and Franks arrive to seek out Rose. After Colombia, Franks dropped her off in this part of town, never to hear from her again. They locate her apartment, but it turns out she died 10 years before. New mission for our men: find out who else knows the number. I have to admit the number aspect of the story is interesting, but 4 8 15 16 23 42 it ain’t.

Gibbs is back at NCIS with Franks, whom Vance is less than thrilled to see, it seems. Ziva breaks the blatantly obvious news that none of the area gangs are spilling what they know, but they do have a promising lead in one Victor “Popeye” Carmado AKA Popeye, a well-known member of the PCs.

Abby is in platform shoes, dancing around the lab to The Airborne Toxic Event (soundtrack!), oh so happy to see Franks. While she’s thinks its cool to see the service number in blood, she does reveal the blood does not match Emilio, but does match PFC Tomas Tamayo, who just happens to be from the same ‘hood. Also, he’s Rose’s son. Spiffy.

Popeye is chillin’ when DiNozzo and Ziva walk up. He suggests they depart quickly for their own good, but of course our two heroes have no intentions of running away. Like a damn fool, Popeye tries to get away, failing when DiNozzo tackles him to the ground. As for Ziva, she held her own with the other two random PCers.

Abby pops out of the lab long enough to quiz McGee on his phone record search. Even bigger are the rumblings going around on Gibbs, Colombia and Rose. She enlists McGee’s help. On the other side of town, Gibbs and Franks meet Maggie, who was Tomas’ guardian. She simply cannot believe Tomas was involved, if only because he was on shore leave at Cape Hatteras (OBX!). She launches into the standard spiel on how he’s a good kid when out of nowhere, Tomas pulls up.

They take our person of interest back to NCIS, where he sticks by the “being in Hatteras” story, except it quickly unravels when phone records show many recent calls… all from the DC area. On the other side of the glass, DiNozzo and Ziva tell Popeye they’ve matched a slug to his gun. I sense homeboy has been in this situation before; as he feels confident our heroes don’t have much of a case. Popeye boasts that he indeed kill Emilio with a single shot to the head, mostly to boost street cred. Tomas continues to be grilled to spill what he knows, except it becomes more and more clear he wasn’t the shooter after all.


Vance calls Gibbs in, bragging on his mad skills to acquire secret personnel files. He does give Gibbs a chance to share his story and spare a detailed reading, but our Leroy effectively tells dear leader to go fly a kite. Meanwhile, always on the ball, McGee knows who’s pulling the strings: Vincente Medina, who used to be a PCer himself.

The SSgt has killed seven overseas, but says he was watching TV during the times in question. That’s all fine and dandy, except Ziva hands Gibbs ATM photos from Baltimore the night before. As it turns out, he was visiting his son, who the wife doesn’t know about.

Gibbs lets the kid go, if only to allow the gang to trail him. In the secure room, they track Tomas’ cell signal as he heads to Quantico, yet Franks and Gibbs travel the opposite direction toward the warehouse. Vance arrives, gets caught up on all things Tomas, then asks DiNozzo to get base security on the phone.

At the warehouse, Gibbs and Franks get a call from Vance finding out Tomas is taking delivered guns back to the projects. They see Tomas calling someone about the guns. Knowing any proof is good proof, Gibbs spots a traffic camera and has McGee take control, pointing it across the street. The two gang members Ziva took down earlier arrive for the guns, but before they take possession of the weapons, SSgt Medina appears out of nowhere, getting all vigilante on the thugs. He takes down one gang member before he’s shot himself. Gibbs is kind enough to shoot the other guy. Seems (as usual), the gang was to raise holy hell and hurt everyone if Tomas didn’t cooperate with their demands. The service number was originally written to specifically get Gibbs’ help, as Tomas knew Gibbs would be the one called to initially investigate.

Maggie wants to talk to Tomas, except he’s about to be shipped off to jail. Her gut feeling finally gets the best of her, allowing her to admit she was the one receiving all the guns and distributing them to the kids on her block. Not sure why she’s blaming it all on the Cold War, but she’s arrested nonetheless.

McGee finally lands Melinda’s number for DiNozzo. Turns out she’s nothing more than a dental assistant. With the joy of the phone number behind him, he begins to put the pieces together on Gibbs and Columbia. He attempts to stop Franks as he’s on his way out for more info, but Franks isn’t in the talking mood.

Gibbs hand delivers Tomas his new orders: he’s off to Afghanistan. Our young Marine grew up hearing the story of an American who once helped his mother. Rose was indeed the one who helped heal Gibbs. In turn, Rose made Tomas memorize the service number. Even better, it was because of Gibbs that Tomas became a Marine. To disprove any rumors that Gibbs is the baby daddy, Rose was already preggers before he arrived in Colombia.

Vance seems to be mighty impressed with Gibbs’ deal in Colombia. Of course, it would have been better had Gibbs not been shot… or been the shooter of Tomas’ biological father! The skeletons in the closet are mounting by the day.

On the next all-new NCIS: DiNozzo is framed for murder, and is allowed to take the lead from Gibbs for a change!

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