This will be a short and sweet “NCIS” recap thanks to my terminally ill laptop refusing most every request I make to save my notes during the show. I’m just thankful it saved some of my notes… otherwise this entry would have been nothing more than a Twitter tweet.

Speaking of Twitter, the Spoilers have the keen ability to make a point in exactly 140 characters. Can you say you have the same mad skills?

One of the major television networks really needs to revive the “after-school special” genre, because kids these day just don’t know to stay the hell away from guns and drugs. Three boys find a gun; one of them stashes it in his room, next to the dirty magazine. Once the gang catches wind of the gun’s existence, they examine it to find brain residue on it. Gibbs has the children lead on to where they initially found the gun, then later to the wooded area where there’s nothing more than maggots and part of an ear. So Mike Tyson is the prime suspect?

McGee dons his Scouts persona to lead DiNozzo on a chase for the rest of the body. Tire tracks, bird poo and buzzards lead the dynamic duo to the badly decomposed body of the local school bully. The gun used has really been around the block a few times. Abby is the first to note the gun being involved in a crime NCIS investigated four years before. A couple of robberies later, and now a troubled teen is dead.

My notes were eaten by the dog at this point, so I’m going to long-story it from here…

Noah, the snot-nosed kid who had the gun at the start, initially admits to killing the kid, but Gibbs sees through the lie. Circumstantial evidence points to the Navy dad who asked for early deployment under shady details. He freely admits to hating the guts of the delinquent, but wouldn’t go as far as murder to solve that problem. Even the last owner of the gun (working under the nom de plume of Eddie Felson) admits to previously unsolved robberies and also shows no love for the dead kid, but not to killing anyone.

Dead kid and a boy named Joey used to be friends until Joey was turned bad. Joey just happened to find the gun that Fast Eddie discarded and wanted to finish off his bad influence… except he chickened out and instead committed suicide because his life was spirling out of control. This in turn angered his girlfriend, who ultimately pulled the trigger and dumped the body with the help of a Radio Flyer knockoff.

The brother was just trying to save his sister from a fate worse than death. Can’t say that I blame him.

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