mark harmon ncis 320 'NCIS': Holly Snow returnsNormally when teens are chit-chatting it up in a car and hit someone it’s totally their fault that the guy they hit ends up dead. On “NCIS” that’s not the case. No, on “NCIS” the dead guy is a sailor who has been stabbed. Oh, sure, maybe the car was the immediate cause of death, but the guy was going to die anyway (which apparently means the teens get off scot-free).

Oddly, the manner of death wasn’t the most interesting thing that happened before the first commercial break. Unquestionably, the oddest thing that happened was the dead guy’s wife showing at the motel where the dead guy (Justin Moss) had been with a prostitute. The wife was well aware that he was meeting with an escort. Sadly, the guy was a writer for the “Navy Herald,” and was not supposed to be sleeping with the prostitute (Charlotte Cook), even if that would have made for a great story.

If you’ve been watching “NCIS” this season you know what a prostitute has to mean – an appearance by Holly Snow. Amazingly – or not really considering this is a TV show – Charlotte Cook used to work for Snow.

Now, I’m now going to say the way that Snow and Gibbs managed to get in touch with Charlotte was ridiculous, but I think you know it was. Gibbs went along with the genius plan Snow had of putting her back in business. It led to a great scene at a hotel room where Snow had to school Tony on how to act with a prostitute, but that didn’t make it less ridiculous. As an aside, also great – that Charlotte came in and smacked Tony because apparently that’s what Snow said he wanted.

Here’s why the thing was ridiculous – because if Charlotte didn’t commit the murder, and Snow thought she didn’t, why go through the whole rigmarole with the hotel room? Why not just a nice little chat on the phone? The only answer I have is that you don’t get the hotel scene, which was a great scene, but was an overly complicated thing.

Charlotte knew something about the murders, of course she did, but she didn’t do it and we didn’t really need the fifth body, the guy who had been murdered when Charlotte was in custody, to tell us that. At least Charlotte accepted that someone she knew had something to do with it and gave the name of a jealous john, Nicholas Everett.

He didn’t do it. It’s never the first guy, you know that.

You know what you get for not telling the cops (or NCIS) what you know? You end up in the hospital. That’s certainly what happened to Charlotte. She fed Gibbs Everett’s name, but didn’t bother to mention that her boyfriend (her lawyer) was kind of a jealous guy. He put Charlotte in the hospital and kidnapped Snow (and committed all the murders). There will be no trial for the lawyer however, Gibbs found them and put a couple of slugs in his chest, saving Holly Snow and making her eternally grateful.

At the end of the episode, Gibbs and Snow ended up having dinner… a dinner “without expectations.” Here I thought they were certainly implying something may be happening between the two, but all she wanted was a dinner without expectations. Plus, she left saying she just wanted to be friends. I’m not sure I buy that, especially as she kissed him on the side of his head before leaving, but it was what she said.

Odds and ends:

  • Tony is trying to date someone at the Air & Space Museum? What happened to Ziva, doesn’t she send him to the moon anymore?

  • McCadden and Tony certainly seemed to enjoy each other’s company for a while tonight, but let’s face it McCadden is no McGee.

  • How did all the prostitutes know Snow went back into business? Did she just send out a tweet? Update her Facebook page?

  • Is it just me or do we need more Abby? Every scene with her is great, tonight I particularly liked the one with her and Snow.

  • Why did we get barely any Ziva this week?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser