michaelweatherly ncis 290 'NCIS' kills a blogger as Ziva resigns from Mossad

Dead blogger? Tonight’s “NCIS” started with a dead blogger?!? Were they trying to tell yours truly something? I like the show, I swear I do. Sure, I complain about plots every now and then, but it comes out of a good place.

Now, Matt Burns, he was investigating an NCIS cover up for his blog, something I would never do… unless it was a cover up about future plots. Gibbs wouldn’t like that any more than he liked what Burns was doing, but I have a sense of responsibility to you, dear readers.

Tell me the truth, from the moment that Arnett’s CO came in with that Lieutenant, you knew she was hiding something, right? I think one or two shots lingered just a little too long on her. Thank goodness they didn’t hide the Summers/Arnett thing very long before copping to it.

I have to say, I was awfully confused when Arnett’s body wasn’t in the coffin. Ducky did the autopsy, so to me that meant that Arnett was good and dead. Why then would the body not be in the coffin? Ziva figured that Burns had stolen the body in order to bring he, Burns, greater fame. As a plot device I guess that works, but are there really people out there who would do that? Eh, who cares, Burns apparently did steal the body, and I’ll give the show a pass on the foolishness of that.

The sandwich maker, Sutton, who did have some pretty good looking pastrami, ended up taking the same train to work as Arnett and the two had the insider trading deal in a not very “Strangers on a Train” kind of thing, which still might have been an excellent referencing of “Strangers on a Train” had “Castle” not done a far better one last week. In any case, Sutton offed Burns based on faulty information.

All of that is all well and good, but on to the big stuff. What do we think of Ziva resigning from Mossad in order to try to join NCIS as a real and true agent? I’m pretty sure that her father will never speak to her again, but as we all know from last week, she considers Gibbs a father figure so maybe she’s willing to truly trade one for the other. If she does somehow – probably via the magic of television writers – pass the vetting process, does this mean that she’ll have to join a different team as the position on Gibbs’ squad is for a Mossad Liaison? I know that it wasn’t always thus, but it is now.

I think we can all assume that the show will let that slide and no matter how hard they make it for Ziva to become an actual NCIS agent, that she eventually will become one, right? Really the only other alternative if she is to stay on the show and has resigned from Mossad (besides going back to Mossad) would be for her to meet up with Tony for a date every week and I somehow don’t think the show is going to go there.

Bits and pieces:

  • That was an awfully fast death at the start of the episode, wasn’t it? I mean, Matt Burns was there alone at the top of the bridge and then less than 30 seconds later he was lying at the bottom.

  • Should Tony be macking on local detectives when he’s got Ziva?

  • I loved Ziva, Tony, and McGee guessing Gibbs’ interrogation style, good stuff.

  • Yes, that was good stuff, but not as good as Tony repeatedly referencing Founding Father Ben Franklin with SEC Ben Franklin.

  • Does Abby really sleep in a coffin?

  • Wow, the lie detector lady has the hots for McGee. That’s the exact kind of person you don’t want to date, isn’t it?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser