ncis red spinoff john corbett kim raver 'NCIS: Los Angeles' debuts 'Red' spin off with John Corbett and Kim Raver: What did you think?If tonight’s “NCIS: LA” episode felt like a whole new show… that’s because it was. The episode, titled “Red,” was a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off starring John Corbett and Kim Raver. The new show would follow the mobile NCIS team that was introduced tonight as they travel the country, going anywhere there might be a crime involving the Navy or the Marine Corps.

The unique situation these officers find themselves in allows for something that most of the shows in the genre can’t offer fans: the audience gets to “go home” with the team, because the team is home. They live and work in two giant trailers that can be flown to various locations, so that they can bring their entire field office with them when they go.

“These people eat sleep and work together 24/7,” showrunner Shane Brennan tells EW. “They get up in the
morning, they see each other in their pajamas, they see each other at
their worst, then they argue over who’s going to take the last slice of
bed to make toast, grab their laundry and on the way to a crime scene,
drop their laundry off to be done. It’s a great opportunity
to see what happens to crime [investigators] in their home life.”

The on-the-go lifestyle has its perks, obviously, but it also has some downfalls — namely, their technology isn’t as state-of-the-art as it is on other “NCIS” shows, and living in close quarters can make for some uncomfortable situations.

What did you think of the spin-off characters, who will also appear in next week’s continuation of this episode? Is this a show you’d watch? Vote on our poll below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie