ncis cote de pablo michael weatherly 320 'NCIS': McGee soars on jetpacksMcGee may have gotten to take the lead tonight on the “NCIS” jetpack murder, but it was Tony who brought up James Bond and “Thunderball,” and thus Tony who earned a place in my heart this evening. McGee’s “jetpack conspiracy” video was cool, but there wasn’t enough 007 in it to win me over.

Our body tonight, Brad ‘Hondo’ Sayers, was a naval flyboy who, just like James Bond in “Thunderball,” had a thing for jetpacks (and yes, I had “Thunderball” in mind well before Tony said it). In fact, Hondo had such a thing for jetpacks that he was testing them out for private companies despite the Navy not really wanting him to, what with their having not funded the project.

I love that Gibbs put McGee in the lead for the case. McGee has, as I think we could have predicted, a jetpack fetish which made him the natural choice. At least with the technical details he was the natural choice; his actual conducting of the investigation was less than stellar. We saw that when possible suspect Victor Tillman’s lawyer, Margaret Allison Hart (seriously, who out there doesn’t love Rena Sofer?) ripped him a new one. She then even proceeded to go after Gibbs in a way that should made me dislike her. It didn’t, Hart’s pointing out Gibbs’ flaws only made her more awesome.

No, I wasn’t rooting for the bad guy to get away with murder because the lawyer was played by Rena Sofer, but I didn’t think Victor Tillman, jetpack company owner, did it anyway. Vanessa Tillman, Victor’s ex-wife and ex-partner, seemed like a much better (but still not terribly likely) suspect. Consequently, Hart’s attacking Gibbs at Vanessa’s place of business came off as slightly less awesome, and gilding the lily just a tad (but not more than a tad). She definitely seemed during those first two times we saw her to be feeling her away around Gibbs, looking for a weakness.

There was more to Hart, quite obviously, than what we were initially led to believe. No sane lawyer would take the case for both Vanessa and Victor Tillman, and she had to have known that picking a fight with Gibbs wasn’t going to help either Tillman. As it turned out, she’s kind of buds with good old Morton Bell (just released from a Mexican prison), and is working some sort of angle we’ll be finding out about in another episode down the line. As long as Sofer comes back, I’m good with that.

If you ask me, McGee came through in the end tonight – he put enough of the pieces together to make me think that it wasn’t wrong for him to take the lead. Plus, I don’t think the ending – Sayers was working with his C.O. who had poisoned him – was a bad direction for the case to take.

And, I’ll admit it even if you won’t, I wanted to hear more from McGee about jetpack technology. I think the conspiracy stuff against it is a little far-fetched, but McGee is fun when he’s passionate about something, and jetpacks do seem like a pretty fun toy (yes, I know McGee would yell at me for calling them a toy).

Bits and pieces:

  • McDLT – keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool. I remember those and remember them fondly.

  • Poor Palmer, his first solo autopsy was of a squirrel and he was terrified of the task. I was terrified of the story he told about squirrel/shark hunting.

  • Did Gibbs call McGee “elf lord” tonight?

  • How was there no “Rocketeer” reference this week?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser