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97293 d1427 1444b3 final 2 'NCIS': No One Was Looking? Bill Carter of the esteemed New York Times starts his article from Sunday on the seemingly sudden success of CBS’ "NCIS" by writing: "While no one was looking, a six-year-old television series that lands on few magazine covers, enjoys almost no love from critics and never gets a sniff of a nomination for prestigious awards is suddenly the hottest show on the air."

No one? Well, there’s me, the estimable Tia Cupps (my mentor in all things tea) and over 17 million other people. Actually, the viewing number recently hit 18.8 million.

That sounds like a lot of folks looking at the mystery/comedy/drama about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which stars (from right to left) Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo and Sean Murray.

Missing in the photo is Pauley Perette, and since that won’t do, here she is.96940 d0898b 2 'NCIS': No One Was Looking?

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And of course, we can’t forget David McCallum.

Carter goes on to try to figure out why "no one was looking" before (apparently, it’s all about recent producer changes in the show, which explains why the show has gotten "almost no love from critics" in the past).


I can’t speak for anyone else, but my newspaper and Zap2it readers have been interested in "NCIS" for a long time. Below find a sampling of stories and blog posts I’ve run on the show over the years.

There are more, but some feature stories and actor profiles (such as ones I did on McCallum and de Pablo) were for Sunday TV supplements and haven’t wound up posted on the Internet.

(Tried to do a set visit last year, but the Writers Guild of America strike torpedoed it. Working on one for this year.)

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96976 0389b 'NCIS': No One Was Looking?
Which proves what I’ve always thought — the viewer knows best. FYI, I have an interview with new cast member Rocky Carroll in the can and will let you know when that’s scheduled to run.

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