When the last episode of “NCIS” ended with a scary-looking car crash, there was a question about whether both Ziva and Tony would survive. The follow-up answered that question. Someone did indeed die before “Revenge” was over — but it might not be who you thought.

One big car-crash fake-out

The first big shock of the night, considering the promos is Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is doing better than Tony (Michael Weatherly) in the immediate aftermath of the car crash. We’re talking better enough to shoot at a fleeing car carrying Ilan Bodnar. So she’s not dead. This is good.

It’s probably less good that he stole the diamonds.

Seriously, these guys are barely injured, mostly asking “How’s my car?” as they stand around the hospital looking bored and irritated.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over

Of course, the actual case has a whole lot more going on. And the prognosis for the case isn’t anywhere near as good. Although the NCIS team manages to track the bad guy to a house, Bodnar isn’t there when they make it inside. Only the getaway driver (a man with no fingerprints, no less) lies dead from the team’s bullets.

Meanwhile, the kind-of-injured-but-not-really Ziva and Tony use Abby’s inability to lie in order to get themselves back on the case. They have to do this because otherwise they might get personal, and lord knows that “NCIS” wouldn’t want that. Awkward conversations about Berlin and car insurance and stuff ensue when they try that.

From the landlady, Gibbs finds out that the getaway driver had a very loud motorcycle. This seems like something that is soon going to become very important.

It’s not.

Nothing is what it seems.

The team still has to identify who the dead guy actually is. With no fingerprints, fake teeth and a whole lot of plastic surgery, this isn’t easy. They do eventually find out, via a plastic surgeon, that the man is Carl Miller. We next find out that Miller is actually Clive Goddard, a South African mercenary.

Later, Ilan Bodnar calls Ziva to insist that he didn’t kill her father’s Iranian contact. She is less than appreciative for the heads-up and pretty much says she’ll get the guy later. It helps than he went with a video chat that reveals him to be hanging out in Central Park in New York City.

Wait! It’s a trick! Apparently, trained spies know better than to film themselves in front of easily identified backdrops. Bodnar isn’t in New York. So where could he be?

There’s an app for that.

Bodnar didn’t go far. After much puzzling, Ducky, Tony and Palmer figure out that a slip of paper found at the house with Goddard is an Afrikaans phrase meaning “Ocean Voyager 19.” This is quickly traced to a cargo ship leaving for South Africa out of Baltimore.

The key to all of this? Palmer has an app that does translations on his phone. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

A woman scorned … (Hey, you can be scorned in ways that have nothing to do with love.)

While most of the team very, very slowly gets ready to check out the freighter, Ziva heads over alone for a little revenge. She finds Ilan easily but rather foolishly doesn’t just shoot the guy. There’s a big fight after this. It takes long enough for the very slow rest of the team to arrive — just in time to see Bodnar plummet to his death when Ziva wins the tussle.

This proves to be an excellent way for Ziva to work out her aggression. She’s cool now.

Were you surprised that everyone (good) was okay? Is it really over now?

Posted by:Laurel Brown