gena rowlands mark harmon ncis mothers day 320 'NCIS': The past and Gena Rowlands haunt GibbsIt’s always nice to see a good guest star on a series and “NCIS” has had a bunch of them this season, including the one for the latest episode, Gena Rowlands. But, as good as it was for us to see her, her character wasn’t so happy to see Gibbs. You see, Rowlands was playing Joann Fielding, Gibbs’ ex-mother-in-law, mother to Shannon and grandmother to Kelly. Not only did she not want to see Gibbs ever again in general, but seeing him because her current fiancĂ© had been shot meant she was having a pretty bad day.

I obviously can’t say whether Gibbs was telling the truth when he told Joann that he had called her after Shannon and Kelly died, but Joann definitely had a different point of view on the incident. Those flashbacks we got of Gibbs taking Shannon and Kelly away from Joann though – which must have been where the bad blood first began – were from Gibbs’ point of view. They definitely didn’t make it look like Gibbs made it all that easy on Joann.

Clearly that was a difficult situation on all sides, but it definitely sounded like Gibbs knew he was being transferred before he said anything to anyone about it. The really odd thing was that when Joann talked to Tony about it, she told him that she was really happy when “Jethro” married her daughter. That was different than what we saw now, and though Gibbs was struggling with it all, he still told Vance that he needed to solve the crime for Shannon – that she would have wanted that. Good guy that Gibbs, never one to shy away from a difficult task.

There’s always initially the question on a case like this as to whether the eyewitness is telling the truth or whether they committed the crimes themselves. As for Joann, not only did she test positive for gunshot residue, but there was no way that she could have been wearing the engagement ring as she claimed. Then there was the face she gave the sketch artist which matched a guy who was definitely dead and the splatter pattern on her jacket was wrong too. Fishy.

I didn’t for a minute think that Joann was going to have committed the murder. I was sure that it was going to be a red herring, but I was definitely pulling for it to be her. No, not because I had anything against the woman, just because it would have been dark and disturbing and great. However, I thought that it was going to be a red herring since our dear dead departed Captain Norton was smuggling drugs (for the same cartel that had Shannon and Kelly killed) and drugs and murder go together.

As it turned out, I was completely wrong – Joann did do it, and she did it to get back at the cartel that had her daughter and granddaughter killed. What I really don’t get though is what happened next, perhaps you can clear it up for me. Did Gibbs coerce the confession because he knew that M. Allison Hart was going to make sure that it was invalidated? I think he did. Did Vance and Gibbs then decide they were going to prosecute Norton’s lieutenant smuggling buddy for the murder because they had enough evidence? It sounded like they were going to, and all I can say to that is “wow.”

Dark and disturbing and great.

Odds and ends:

  • You don’t run towards gunshots, especially at night, and especially when your wife and baby are with you. It’s one of those things that no good can come from, it’s not a question of not being a good Samaritan, it’s a question of protecting your family.

  • “The shooter was in the book suppository.” Oh Ziva, you’re the best.

  • Everything wired to one remote would be awesome.

  • Poor Palmer and his cologne.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser