ncis cote de pablo michael weatherly 320 'NCIS': Tony and Ziva visit Paris togetherTonight’s episode of “NCIS” featured nefarious doings onboard an airplane, which, by my count makes it – at minimum – the third show on a major network to have such a plot in the last seven days, and the second time that such a plane trip involved the city of Paris. I don’t know if that’s a record, but it did strike me as odd.

Of course, the truly important thing about that whole paragraph is the notion of the trip to Paris. It was Ziva and Tony who went to Paris together in order to pickup a whistleblower and bring her back to D.C. I know it wasn’t a vacation, but sending those two to the City of Love is another one of those tantalizing hints the show gives us about where the could-be couple are headed. Or, perhaps, the couple has already gotten there.

There were definite indications tonight that the two slept together, but nothing concrete was actually said. For instance, We know that they spent the night in the same room, making the first question we have to ask – why that was the case. As I have to assume that our government could pop for a room for each agent, and Ziva gave our whistleblower a look when Tony indicated the hotel was full, it seems as though they chose to spend the night together.

So, where then did they sleep? Tony was definitely lying at the end of the episode when he stated he slept on the couch – Ziva called him out on that. Was she also lying when she told the whistleblower that she had spent the night on the couch? After Ziva called out Tony for lying, Tony did the same to her, and while I think we all want to believe that Tony was referencing her saying she slept on the couch, that certainly wasn’t made explicit. In point of fact, Tony could have meant any number of statements Ziva had made during the flight.

I want to push for both sleeping on the couch claims to be a lie, so let’s go back to that conversation at the café in Paris. When Tony mentioned that Ziva looked to have been sleeping well the previous night, she gave a Tony a glance that indicated that something may have occurred. She certainly wasn’t giving him a “how dare you have been looking at me while I was asleep, what sort of perv are you” look. No? Am I reading too much into that? I don’t think I am, or, at the very least, I don’t think I’m reading more into it than the show wants us to read into it.

One more point on the relationship possibilities – those two were definitely off their game on the plane, and I think it may be because they were too concerned with one another. They repeatedly left the whistleblower alone to go chat, check out the dead Air Marshal in the bathroom, and/or accost the obviously-too-weird-to-be-the-assassin man back in coach. One of them should have been with the whistleblower at all times, especially because it was quite obviously the flight attendant who was the assassin. It’s always the flight attendant.

Another good rule of thumb for murder mysteries – while it’s not always the fiancé who tries to have their would-be spouse killed, they tend to be a pretty good place to start when looking for someone pulling the strings on a murder for hire. That fiancé tonight seemed dirty from the moment he sat down with Gibbs. They should have been on to him way sooner.

Okay, so you have my theories on Tony and Ziva and their possible relationship status, what are yours?

Bits and pieces:

  • So Tony is on Team Edward? I would have thought that even if Tony wasn’t involved in the story he would still be on Team Tony.

  • I like that the show put Tony and Ziva in business class for the flight. Too many series try to pass off that much leg room as being coach and it always seems foolish when they do. The bathroom however was twice the size of the largest airplane bathroom I’ve ever seen.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser