ncis mark harmon 320x180 'NCIS': Tony gets stuck in the moviesOn “NCIS,” Tony is captivated by a girl he’s never met and sets out to fulfill his cinematic dreams.

The week’s case is an odd one: While a patient is being transferred from the ambulance to the hospital, a dead lieutenant in a car zooms through the parking lot, almost costing several more lives. You don’t see that everyday.

At the office, McGee and Ziva rib Tony about a committed relationship with a lovely barista Brenda. (They learned of this news through a dating website she belonged to, and that she has more than 2,000 friends.) This is alarming news to Tony, who does the math and figures out that it took Brenda less than 20 minutes to change her status to “committed”! (Sorta like their version of Facebook.) To add insult to injury, photos of the twosome are floating around and Tony’s deadset on ending this “relationship.”

Gibbs reels the team in and they venture off to the crime scene. There, Ziva asks Tony what he wants in a woman and he pretty much describes her: independent, pretty, successful and professional. But, relationships aren’t a one-way street, so what’s in it for the girl? McGee finds information on the dead lieutenant’s sister, the well-known ZNN (nice one) reporter Dana Hutton (guest star Ashley Scott) and Tony jumps at the chance of interviewing her. As a precaution, Gibbs assigns Ziva to tag along. When they get to the house, it’s completely ransacked. It’s inferred that someone else was the culprit.

Tony brings back a photo of Dana in front of the Great Wall of China and the team goes through all the possibilities. Tony’s captivated by her, rattling off obscure facts (piano competitions, sororities and how old she was when she first joined ZNN). Meanwhile, Ducky and Jimmy are facing a dilemma when they pick apart the healthy lieutenant’s body. During this time, Tony and Ziva visit Dana’s segment producer and he uncovers some interesting information: One of Dana’s mentors was killed two weeks prior. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Jimmy approaches Abby’s lab and isn’t as successful as Tony (but that’s not saying much) with getting the information he needs for the case. Abby tells them that she’s they’re still in a hole and to scram, basically. You know word has spread like wildfire when even Jimmy proposes a double date to Tony. Damn the internet. While the rest of the team wonders where Tony disappeared to later that night, he’s watching video of interviews she’s done and her coverage in Afghanistan. What’s he thinking?

The next day, Tony secretly asks McGee for Dana’s cell phone number, but tells Gibbs that he’s following a lead at a bookstore. Now, why would he need her number? Down in Jimmy and Ducky’s world, Ducky hands Jimmy the reins after he noticed a red bump on the film and on the victim’s skin. (A huge step for Jimmy!) It turns out to be an incredibly tiny silver ball. Another thing for Abby to research.

Tony arrives at the bookstore and meets Maggie Reed, a real estate agent/store patron who is helping Dana sell the property. Tony pokes his head around and makes a quizzical comment about how Dana used to curl up on the couch in the bookstore. (Hm.) He enters into the office in the back and notices the open safe. What was in it, he’s probably wondering to himself.

Gibbs and McGee discover that Dana was working on a negative story about private military companies. Another notch on the coincidence ladder. Remember that silver ball Jimmy found in the victim’s body? In the center of it was a deadly toxin (which takes 3-4 days to kill its victim with no antidote); Ducky posits that he was killed by a Cold War-era KGB weapon. Say it ain’t so.

Gibbs and the team are led right back to the segment producer Dana was seeing. When Tony angrily questions him about why he didn’t disclose that information, the guy acts like a complete douche nozzle! Tony asks how serious the relationship is and the producer tells TOny exactly who she is: She isn’t exactly the perfect angel everyone makes her out to be. Shocker? Meanwhile, McGee walks in on Abby acting chummy with Alejandro and they share their usual witty banter before Abby shows McGee what she found on the lieutenant’s hard drive. Was he a spy?

Tony returns to Dana’s home late that night. (Ziva thinks he’s obsessed with her. I think so too.) He calls Dana’s cell phone and leaves a heartfelt message, one that would make any scared woman want to come out of hiding. Tony proceeds to play the piano and hears the floors creek. Tony turns around, hoping it’s Dana, but it’s just his partner Ziva. She tells him to stop obsessing with finding Dana; their case is not like the movies!

Ducky calls Gibbs in to discuss Dana’s mentor’s body. Ducky tells him that he was born in the Soviet Union and suddenly things start to make sense. So he must have been the spy. McGee throws out a crazy notion that Dana and her brother were his handlers. Tony laughs it off, but as weird as it sounds, it even sounds plausible. So was this whole case about the money he had?

The team search the bookstore, but Tony gets a phone call and has to duck out. Of course, Gibbs finds a microfiche (sorta like those things you put on the side of the computer; Gibbs’ words, not mine). Tony and Dana meet with a beautiful view of the Monument and the Capitol building. Tony tells her everything, but she already knew everything. In the safe, she says, were Russian codes and documents. There wasn’t money in the safe as Tony learned, but it was hiding in plain sight all this time: a leather-bound first edition Shakespeare book published in the 17th century (worth $6 million) and a first-edition Guttenberg bible published in the 15th century. Are you ready for the real shocker? Dana’s going to die soon too! (The same person who killed her brother and her mentor poisoned her.)

Gibbs finds his suspect: It’s the seemingly harmless Maggie, the kind-hearted patron helping Dana out with selling the bookstore. Turns out, she’s got guilty streak. They arrest her for the murder of Dana’s brother. Score!

There’s a nice moment between Gibbs and Tony after Dana dies. The struggle between personally involving one’s self into the case is an ongoing one. Looks like Tony will be reeling from this one for a while.

The Status of Gibbs and M. Allison Hart: Throughout the episode, the tension bewteen Gibbs and M. Allison Hart is pretty obvious and is elevated when she visits his home late at night while he’s busy doing manly things in the basement.

Quote of the Night:

  • “Sometimes when I get into a story, I don’t know when to stop.” — Dana Hutton

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