ne-yo-ascap-awards-music-albumAccording to Grammy Award-winning musician Ne-Yo being a superstar doesn’t doesn’t make parenting any easier. The singer, who just put the finishing touches on his fifth studio LP, “The R.E.D Album,” tells Zap2It he’s starting to feel the pressure to put food on the table.
“It’s definitely made me go through the album with a fine-tooth comb,” Ne-Yo says Wednesday night (April 18) on the red carpet at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles. “Now, it’s not a matter of stroking my ego with record sales, it’s, ‘I gotta feed my damn kids. This thing doesn’t sell, my kids don’t eat.’ You know? I might wanna do it right.”
Despite the professional strain, the hardest part about being a dad for the R&B/pop singer is simply leaving the house.
“My daughter is one-and-a-half now, and she’s in parrot-mode, meaning that everything you say she will repeat it. So you gotta be real careful,” he explains. “Her mom stubbed her toe the other day and said, ‘Oh s***!’ Now she’s running around saying it. I’ve got to wean her off the swearing.” 
The chart-topping crooner and father of two was attending the ASCAP ceremony as a nominee this year, and gave away a few details as to what can be expected from his forthcoming record — the title is an acronym for “realizing every dream.” 
Ne-Yo describes it as “an album that celebrates my dynamic fan base. You know, I’ve got my die-hard R&B fans over here; I’ve got my dance-pop fans over there. There’s something for everyone.”
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