Neal-McDonough-signed-on-to-ABC-Scoundrels-knowing-it-had-sex-scenes.jpgEarlier this week, we reported that David James Elliot had replaced Neal McDonough on the new ABC series “Scoundrels.”

Now, Zap2it’s sources tell us why the actor was replaced just a few days into shooting the new series.

We’re told that apparently  McDonough refused to do sex scenes, which he says go against his family and religious values. But, here’s the kicker: He knew that sex scenes would be expected of him the whole time.

According to one source, the ABC executive who made the call to replace McDonough says the actor signed on to the series knowing that intimate scenes with star Virginia Madsen were in the script.

While ABC declined to comment, another source who has had access to the script confirms that sex and kissing scenes were written into it and the actor accepted the part anyway.

Zap2it’s calls to McDonough’s management were not returned.

Did McDonough think that his star power would get the network to change the character’s scenes for him? Obviously, he thought wrong.

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