Mechad-Brooks-Necessary-Roughness-football.jpgIt’s not unusual for a pro football player to like getting his hands on a ball, but it’s not every day that the ball is part of something that cleans your floor.

On USA Network’s dramedy “Necessary Roughness,” Mehcad Brooks plays Terrence “TK” King, a star player for the New York Hawks NFL team. Starting after Wednesday’s (June 19) episode, he can also been seen in a series of interactive Webisodes, called “TK Gets Real.”

The Web originals are part of USA’s brand-integration strategy and feature appearances from high-tech Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Every Wednesday for the next six weeks, a new Webisode will be available at, featuring TK on a quest to become a reality-TV star, with the help of Sheree Whitfield (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”) and Paloma (Karissa Lee Staples), the new assistant of TK’s sports psychologist, Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne).

“Oh, man,” says Brooks, talking to Zap2it and others the show’s sets in Atlanta, Ga., “those are fun. Scott Cohen, who plays Nico, directed one. Liz Kruger, who’s our creator, is going to direct two of them. They’re just a lot of fun. The way that we’re doing this brand integration is you don’t know it’s about the vacuum, right?

“So, it’s just having a good time, and we’re laughing and doing this … we did this sort of campy, soap-opera acting on purposes, and made it really dramatic, all these different things.”

Karissa-Lee-Staples-Necessary-Roughness.jpgAsked if he’s usually a fan of vacuuming, Brooks says, “You know what? Actually, I’m not, but I s**t you not, the two Dysons that I use — I was like, ‘I would actually vacuum with this.’ I’m not kidding. So, there’s this one that has a big ball, right? You can run around, and I was like, ‘This is amazing.’

“If I had this vacuum when I was a kid, I would not have acted like I was asleep when my mom wanted me to vacuum. And then they had this one that was like a little shotgun thing that you could just sort of put anywhere, and I mean anywhere, ladies and gentlemen. And it was just great.”

Says executive producer Kevin Dowling, “What I think you’ll find very inventive, and what they’ve done a great job writing, it’s like, it’s not a natural thing to put Mehcad with a vacuum cleaner.”

Told that Brooks seems very fond of the Dysons, Dowling says, “He’s in love with his vacuum cleaner. But I also think the addition of Karissa as Paloma has helped, because they have this great chemistry between the two of them.

“So, it’ll be a nice thing that you rarely see. You’ll see it in the first episode, but it’s kind of antagonistic. Then, in this, they are friendly and become partners, so it lets us do different things.”

Brooks can also anticipate not just having cleaner carpets at work.

“I’m going to take two home,” he says. “I still haven’t gotten my Dysons.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare