Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to find a certain joy in pointing out how inaccurate Hollywood is when it comes to space. He’s already set the record straight on “Gravity.”
Now, Tyson has his own segment on “The Daily Show,” which allows him to talk about how other things you love don’t make any sense. In the first installment, zombies were the target of Tyson’s comedic ire.
His argument starts off easy enough, pointing out that you can’t kill a zombie because they’re already dead. Then things get brainy. “Without a functioning circulatory system distributing oxygenated blood, a zombie’s muscles would succumb to rigor mortis,” he explains. “They couldn’t even stand, along alone walk.”
Tyson doesn’t end there, continuing, “They’d have no desire to each brains because their fatty tissue would have stopped producing the hormone lecithin, which triggers the sensation of hunger in the first place. I’m just saying.”

He also dispells the idea that a zombie bite could turn someone into a member of the walking dead. “Zombies are a good analogy for viral outbreaks, but when something bites you, you don’t turn into that thing,” he says. “Even if that was remote possible then Evander Holyfield would have turns into Mike Tyson years ago.”
In the end though, even Neil can’t completely close the door on zombies being possible. While he’s sure it can’t happen on earth, space is another story. Maybe that’s what the “Walking Dead” spinoff is about.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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