"Coraline" author Neil Gaiman was at the film’s junket this afternoon at the Four Seasons.

And surprise, someone asked him about how the last double issue of Batman is going.

"Batman is going very well," Gaiman replied. "My work is done, which is a wonderful thing, and it’s now up to the amazing Andy Kubert who is drawing as fast as he can.

Check here to see a very cool Kubert drawing

"It was an honor, when someone can say to you, ‘Would you like to write the last issue of Batman and the last issue of the decade?’ "

"And again, you don’t get to do that very often. It’s the only time it’s ever gonna happen, so I was thrilled I got to do it.

"Killing Batman is always fun," he added.

A reporter joked, "It never takes, though…"

"Might be this time," Gaiman said, with a very sly smile.

What do you think? Will Gaiman kill off Batman? Should he?

Photo: Neil Gaiman photographed by Jennifer S. Altman for the Los Angeles Times.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead