jenny mccarthy barbara walters neil patrick harris the view abc Neil Patrick Harris reveals he once championed Jenny McCarthy for a 'How I Met Your Mother' roleNeil Patrick Harris joined the ladies of “The View” on Monday (Oct. 28) and revealed that one of the co-hosts had been his first choice for a role on “How I Met Your Mother” a few seasons back. (No, it wasn’t Barbara Walters.)

Harris admitted that, when Barney Stinson was still the playboy cad of earlier seasons, he fought for the opportunity to hit the sheets with new “View” co-host Jenny McCarthy. “I tried to get you on the show to have a Barney fling,” he said after McCarthy said Barney was one of her favorite characters on TV. “I really, truly did.”

“I wanted to,” McCarthy exclaimed.

“You were on another show. You’d just gotten a job on ‘Two and a Half Men’ or something,” Harris rebutted. “You chose Charlie Sheen!” The co-host blushed, seeming to wonder if she’d made the wrong choice.

As for the current woman in Barney’s life, Harris admits that he’s pleased that the character is settling down with Robin (Cobie Smulders). “I mean, it’s been fun playing that kind of crazy, alpha-male guy that just gets to have a lot of adventures and catchphrases and whatnot, but Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin, she’s one of the nicest, most beautiful amazing actresses you could ever hope to be with,” he gushed. “So, I’m glad that if he gets to settle down with someone, it’s her.”

With the CBS hit in its final season, Harris seems comfortable with the approaching end, however sad it may be. “‪It’s bittersweet because we’ve grown together as a family, but we don’t want to outstay our welcome,” he admitted. “You know, the conceit of the show is a structural one that eventually you need to know how this mother meets this father, so if you carry it on and belabor it too long, I feel like…” A feisty Walters cut off Harris’ sentiment, but it’s clear he’s made peace with the show settling into its endgame.‬

‪Do you think McCarthy would’ve made a good conquest for Barney?‬

Posted by:Billy Nilles