Seriously, we are not stalking “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris. But we have found ourselves checking the Twitter account he created Monday (Nov. 16) at regular intervals as he’s been adding followers at a remarkable clip. Currently: 85,962 and counting.

And in one day/seven Tweets Harris has already managed to reveal something about himself — his go-to picture pose.

In Tweet No. 2 — Felicia Day is popular. She mentions me and Twitter and Kablammo! — he linked off to this photo:

nph feliciaday Neil Patrick Harris reveals his go to picture pose on TwitterThen, in Tweet No. 7 — On set. Best guest star EVER! The entire cast/crew was super stoked. No one more than me: — we get this one of him and Tim Gunn:

nph timgunn Neil Patrick Harris reveals his go to picture pose on TwitterSee what we mean? Wrinkled brow, finger-pointing goodness.

Any fans out there have a picture they took with him? Did he do this pose? If so send us an email and we’ll post ’em.

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