neil patrick harris shaving eyebrows drag broadway Neil Patrick Harris talks shaving his eyebrows, doing drag on Broadway

Once Neil Patrick Harris wraps up shooting the final season of “How I Met Your Mother,” he’s headed to Broadway. The actor will portray the title character in a production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” and he’ll be doing a lot of it in drag.
During an appearance on “Conan” Tuesday (July 30), Harris talked to host Conan O’Brien about the parts of dressing in drag he isn’t necessarily looking forward to, including possibly shaving his eyebrows.
It seems there are two ways he could go about doing his eyebrows for the show. If he opts not to shave, there’s a long daily process that involves gluing them down until they aren’t visible before drawing on a new set.
Conan chimes in with the long-believed myth that they’ll never grow back if shaved. “I know, I’m terrified of that,” Harris says, “I’m more worried about the eyebrows than having to tuck my wiener down with duct tape.” He then corrected himself, “I’m sorry, Carlos Danger.”

Of course, that spun off into a whole other discussion, with Conan saying he should definitely not use duct tape. “It can’t be duct tape,” O’Brien exclaims, “There’s got to be a device that you can purchase purchase.” “Like an infomercial thing you can buy,” Harris jokes.
It didn’t take long before Neil realized the problem with the tape, quipping, “I never thought about how you’d get the duct tape off.” “Trust me,” Conan says, “It’s not pleasant.”

Check out the segment below:

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