netflix subscribers hbo Netflix has more paid United States subscribers than HBO

With Netflix’s third quarter earnings released, it’s been revealed that the company has officially trumped HBO in its total amount of subscribers in the United States. The amount of Netflix paid subscribers (not including trial accounts) in the US has hit 29.93 million, which is well over HBO’s last count of 28.7 million subscribers.

Engadget reports that the largest percentage of viewing hours on Netflix comes from complete “season-after series” like “The Walking Dead,” “Scandal” and “Breaking Bad” instead of from original programming. With that being said, “Orange Is The New Black” is said to be the most popular of the original content lineup, though official numbers for those series have not been released.

A year ago, Netflix had 25.1 million US subscribers. When trial accounts were included, Netflix surpassed HBO in US customers back in April. The company also counts 9.19 million subscribers internationally, with an expected gain of 3 million by fourth quarter.

Netflix is already gearing up for its next wave of original programming. “Lilyhammer” Season 2 and the new animated DreamWorks series “Turbo F.A.S.T.” will premiere by the end of 2013, while “House of Cards,” “Hemlock Grove,” “Derek” and “Orange Is The New Black” will all return in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz