netflix my list feature Netflix replaces Instant Queue with new feature called My List

If you started freaking out this week because your precious Netflix Instant Queue disappeared, you’re not alone. We’ve also been mourning its loss. 

But here’s some good news for all you binge-watchers: Netflix didn’t just randomly get rid of one of our favorite things, it replaced it with a new feature that actually might be better.

The new feature is called “My List,” and it’s a new way to save titles to the top row on your Netflix homepage, the streaming site announced on Wednesday (August 21). My List lets you set aside movies and shows you discover while browsing on Netflix, but don’t want to watch right away. And whenever you add a new title to My List, it automatically sets it across all Netflix-enabled devices.

You can manually change the order of My List (Netflix sets the order of the row in a way they predict you will like best based off your previous choices). But if you don’t use the new feature, it will drop lower and lower on your homepage. So don’t worry: if you don’t like it, just don’t use it. It will disappear soon enough.

Watch a how-to video about the new My List feature below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum