dan byrd brian van holt cougar town 320 Neti pot: The breakout star of 'Cougar Town'Poor Jules (Courteney Cox). On “Cougar Town’s” Wednesday night (Nov. 3) episode she got outshined by a neti pot … on her 42nd birthday.

The elusive neti pot (or as the show referred to it: “college death pot”), landed Bobby (Brian Van Holt) in the hospital when he poured the entire pitcher of saline directly into his lungs when he tried to use it to get rid of his stuffed nose. Bobby later goes on to conquer the “death pot” in a montage set to Enrique Inglesias‘ “Hero.”

After the episode did you ask yourself, “Self, what is a Neti Pot?” Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to Wikipedia, the pot in question irrigates the nasal passage and originates from the
“ancient Hindu practice of Ayurved.” One simply mixes up a saline made with one pint of water and one teaspoon of salt and then pours it through their nasal passages.

Salt in our noses? We’ll pass, but thanks for the tip, “Cougar Town”!

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Photo: ABC

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