abc ipad lost 320 Networks line up iPad contentIf you’re among those who will be getting an Apple iPad when it launches on Saturday (April 3), you’ll be able to start watching TV shows on it pretty much right away.

ABC and CBS have already committed to providing content for the new device, and NBC will probably follow suit in the next few weeks. Video site Hulu is also reportedly developing an app for the iPad.

ABC says it will offer an ABC Player app that mimics the full-episode player on Users will be able to watch about 20 of the network’s shows — including, based on the image at the left, “Lost,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Modern Family” and “Dancing with the Stars.” The network has also made compatible with the iPad (which doesn’t use Flash for video) so users can watch clips and other short-form video.

Other units of ABC parent Disney, including ESPN and the Disney Channel, will also have content for the iPad.

The first CBS show available on the iPad will be “Survivor,” The New York Times reports. It will be ready for viewing on Saturday, and other shows from the network will follow later. NBC is updating to be compatible with the device, and, according to the Times, Hulu is working on an app that may operate on a subscription model.

There’s no word yet on what content FOX or The CW might offer for iPads.

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Apple’s iPad will save us all

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