batman zero year scott snyder dc entertainment New Batman mythology being introduced in comics by DC Entertainment

The Batman that you know is undergoing a bit of a character makeover. He’ll still be the same crime fighter he always has been, but a new series of comic books from DC will look into just how billionaire Bruce Wayne became Batman, the Associated Press reports.
The story of Batman’s formative years has been told before, most notably through the four-issue “Year One” series, which was heavily borrowed from for Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. The current writer of Batman, Scott Snyder, says the approach this time around will be different. “We’re not going to take apart ‘Year One,'” Snyder says. Instead the new story, which will last 11 issues, focuses on how he became the Batman he is now, since DC relaunched their stories in 2011 under the name “The New 52.” According to Snyder, readers will see how Wayne found his calling as the masked Batman, as well as the challenges he faces when taking on the identity.
The new story will begin in “Batman’s” June issue. Another new Batman stories will be on newsstands in June, as well. This series will deal with the first time Batman teams up with Superman, taking place early in the careers of both heroes.
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