More casting news from the Lost world: the latest addition to the cast is Zoe Bell, a relatively unknown actress whose biggest role to date was in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Death Proof. You might better know her (if not her face) from stunt doubling for Uma Thurman in Tarantino’s Kill Bill films.

Many websites have reported this casting news, although the exact nature of her role in the show is as yet a mystery. The only clue The Dominion Post offers is this:

Bell described it as "a little acting role" that would involve some stunt work.

So, she’s a pugilistic leprechaun?

OK, seriously, we can’t go too far out on a limb here. She’s most likely an off-Island character with some ties to the people on the freighter just outside the island. Given her reputation as one of the baddest stunt women alive, I’m excited to see just how physical the show will get with her involvement. Fisticuffs with Kate? Sumo wrestling with Hurley? Ooooh…will she be a ninja Other? The Others are many things…why can’t they be ninjas?

I have three possible reasons why the Lost producers have cast her:

  1. Jack needs the biggest slap in the face possible, and who could make it look more convincing than her?
  2. Lost producers are hoping people misread this bit of casting news and figure that either Kristen Bell or Zooey Deschanel have joined the cast.
  3. Given her work in Death Proof, she’ll double as the designated driver for the entire cast of the show.

What do you make of this newest bit of casting goodness?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee