fall out boy alone together music video New Fall Out Boy music video: 'Alone Together' continues the band's escape attempts

Fall Out Boy has been spinning quite the traumatic tale in each of the music videos for their newest album, “Save Rock and Roll.” First came parts one, two, and three, as Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley found themselves captured and tortured at the hands of vicious-yet-beautiful leather-clad vixens … and Stump even gained a stump when one of his captors chopped off his hand with a cleaver! 

The dark story continues in the music video for “Alone Together,” part four of “The Youngblood Chronicles,” and things aren’t looking good for these rockers. Wentz almost succeeds in freeing himself and Stump from their nightmare situation, but these villains came prepared. 

Watch the full video below for “Alone Together:”

Turns out there might be some hope for our favorite pop-punk rockers after all: Wentz managed to free the mystery man who was also being kept locked up.

Could this mean there might be a happy ending in store for Fall Out Boy? We’ll have to wait for parts five through 11 of “The Youngblood Chronicles” to find out.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum