FOX has released a new teaser for season two of "Fringe," and mostly it consists of the cast telling you how awesome it's going to be. Mostly — but not completely.

In between the jump-cutty talking head segments are brief flashes of footage from the show. They barely register with the naked eye, but that's why pause buttons exist. The video is below; my observations follow.

The intercut footage is a mix of old and new, and naturally there aren't any huge revelations to be had. But I have to think that the shots they did choose to include are meant to remind us of certain key points that will be part of the second season, which begins Thursday, Sept. 17.

With that in mind, here's what I saw.

:08 into the video — As Joshua Jackson finishes saying "… this bridge exists," a man (Mr. Jones, I'm fairly certain) walks through one of Walter Bishop's (John Noble) "soft spots" in the world. Been there.

:10 — An apparently new piece of showing Agent Harris gets knocked on his can. I think we can all get behind that.

:12 — Atmospheric shot of Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Jackson) and Walter bathed in blue light. Very atmospheric and poster-like.

:13/14 — Boom (just after Blair Brown says "thrilling").

:14 — Another closeup of Mr. Jones, as Jasika Nicole is talking about how "wildly entertaining" the new season is (to their credit, the cast really stays on message).

:16 — A guy falls from a great height into a car. Ouch.

Just after that comes a blizzard of images: Walter, William Bell, Olivia, the Observer, Peter, Nina and her robot arm, Broyles at his desk, a shot of someone's legs walking through what looks like the scene of a car wreck, a locked gate. The last image, at about the 21-second mark, is a doozy: the world going all bad TV reception around a guy who's bleeding from the head.

For a 30-second spot that doesn't reveal a whole heckuva lot, this teaser did its job. I'm more geeked up for the new season of "Fringe" than I was a couple hours ago.

How about you? Looking forward to more "Fringe"?

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Posted by:Rick Porter