Costume designer Deb McGuire and ‘New Girl’ star Zooey Deschanel are inspiring women of all ages to perk up their wardrobes with colors and shapes that are pure fun.

“What’s so interesting is I get emails every day from all ages wanting to know where these things are from and how to get them,” McGuire says. “That’s the first time they’ve had a look that fresh and new, and everyone’s kind of like, ‘Wow!’ because it’s usually within an age range, and this appeals to 13-60.”

McGuire describes Jess’ style as having a classic Audrey Hepburn influence.

“There’s a very late ’40s, early ’50s vibe to it that’s really refreshing,” she says. “It has sex appeal and sensuality without it smacking you in the face. It’s not about exposing; it’s about being playful. It’s feminine and youthful and fun. And I think every woman wants to be feminine and youthful and fun.”

Jess wears everything from designer pieces to Forever 21. McGuire also shops at a lot of vintage stores.

“I’m really into the visual and not the labels, so whatever works works,” she says. “It’s about the fit and the look and the color.”

McGuire offers some examples of looks that capture Jess’ quirky personality:

tvfashn06 'New Girl': a look for all ages

“The cardigan is from H&M, and the floral dress is vintage. The center of the flowers has a red polka dot. Polka dots are definitely part of this character. I’m a very polka dot person. In everything I do, I always have someone with polka dots. It’s kind of my signature. This character is perfect for rocking the polka dots. Not everyone can rock a polka dot.”

tvfash2n06 'New Girl': a look for all ages

“This is a vintage black pleated skirt and gray cardigan from Forever 21. It looks like a little Catholic girl school uniform. Everyone loves a little pleated skirt. I also love them with knee socks. I find it incredibly appealing. Boys for some reason find it incredibly sexy. I don’t really want to go there and think about why. Years ago, I was working on ‘Friends’ and had to convince Jennifer Aniston to wear knee socks. She didn’t want to do it, and I got a million emails about how adorable she was and showed them to her. It’s funny to understand how the public perceives different looks, but that’s definitely a win-win.

tvfash3n06 'New Girl': a look for all ages

“This is the red vintage dress used for all the publicity. It is definitive of the character because it’s quirky and fun and has a lace line and movement. She’s all about primary colors and there’s something that’s really youthful and fun about using the primaries for her.”

McGuire says that shopping for Jess is very simple for her. “From the first couple of times I met Zooey, it was really obvious to me what her style was going to be,” she says. “Just seeing the way she moves and her body type and how I saw this character. Right from the beginning, we’ve been on the same wavelength.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil