new girl injury 'New Girl' cast previews 'Injured': Health insurance, skinny dipping and rappingYes, the March 6 episode of “New Girl” does involve a cancer scare. But would it make you feel better to know that the FOX comedy is as hysterical as ever even with such serious subject matter?

In “Injured,” airing Tuesday, March 6 at 9 p.m., Jess takes a health insurance-less Nick to her gyno pal Sadie after hurting his back in a game of pickup football. Sadie notices a completely unrelated malady that could become serious, and forces him to see a specialist to make sure it’s not cancer.

Naturally, Nick freaks out. In typical “New Girl” fashion, the group sweetly rallies around their friend during a wild night that may or may not involve Nick running naked into the ocean in the middle of the night.

Star Jake Johnson can certainly identify with Nick (and many other people) in that he didn’t get health insurance of his own until he was in his late twenties. “I was
broke,” he tells Zap2it on the red carpet at the “New Girl” Paley Fest panel. “I didn’t have health insurance until I did a movie called

Getting it it wasn’t as life-changing as he had hoped. It’s exciting “until you actually go and they’re like ‘Your deductible is $400’ and you
learn what that is and you’re like ‘Wait, I have insurance and I still
have to spend $350?’ Insurance makes a lot of sense until you realize [how much you still have to pay] and you’re like ‘Wait a minute, this sucks, man.
I’ll go back to when I was 25 and just never go to a hospital,'” he jokes.

Health insurance and cancer scares haven’t sold you on the episode yet? Okay, fine. How about this: Hannah Simone, who plays Cece, would like you to know that she tries her hand at rapping for the first time.

“That in itself, if you knew me even this much, is incredibly hysterical,” she says. “And awkward and embarrassing, and I invite the world to watch. I fancy myself a Weezy, but I’m not. This was scripted. I tried to channel Drake, but I don’t think it happened.”

Still not enough to tune in? Man, you guys are needy. Let’s just say it’s a great episode for Jess and Nick. Keep your eyes peeled to Zap2it for more from the cast (and creator Liz Merriwether) on everyone’s favorite non-romance.

Posted by:Jean Bentley