new girl jess nick 'New Girl' finale: Thanks for not getting Jess and Nick together!Listen — the quirky chemistry between Zooey Deschanel‘s Jess and Jake Johnson‘s Nick on “New Girl” is obviously one of the draws of the show. But as the FOX sitcom’s first season continued, it became clear that neither character was in the right place for a relationship. Besides, giving us everything we want in Season 1 isn’t a great way to guarantee yourself longevity. So thanks, “New Girl,” for not getting them together in the May 8 finale!

It’s clear Jess and Nick are compatible, and all signs are pointing to an eventual romance. But look at where our favorite bunch of roommates were before the Season 1 finale: Nick was completely lost and back with his ex, who we all know was terrible for him, Winston was in a committed relationship, and Schmidt and Cece were hogging the “will they or won’t they” spotlight for themselves.

The answer was obviously “they will,” but the point is that they filled the quota of two main characters hooking up. And what a delight that was — you never would’ve expected those two to actually get together, and for it to work and seem so natural.

At this point in time, we don’t need Nick and Jess together. As the show progressed, the writers perfected their balance of poignant and quirky, really creating a unique tone that “New Girl” does well. That’ll certainly continue in Season 2 — which is why we didn’t need Jess and Nick to get together just yet.

Comedies are different from dramas in that the underlying mythology and story arcs are usually much shorter (the fact that they’re 22 minutes versus 42 minutes probably has something to do with it), but the Jess/Nick thing seems similar to the coupling situation on “Castle.” The main characters kept up their flirty banter for years before they finally hooked up (in the May 7 Season 4 finale). Maybe it won’t take that long for the roomies, but as long as the writing stays as amazing as it has been throughout Season 1, we’re willing to wait.

Posted by:Jean Bentley