new girl true american rules 'New Girl' finally reveals True American drinking game rules ... sort ofThe biggest mystery from the first season of “New Girl” wasn’t whether Nick and Jess would eventually hook up — it was what, exactly, are the rules to True American, a.k.a. TV’s most epic made-up drinking game.

Now, FOX has finally provided official rules to the the game that “will pit your desire to win with your desire to go to the bathroom,” featured in the episode “Normal.” They’re pretty simple, too. You ready?

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Here’s what you’ll need:

24 pack of beer — They are the Pawns, soldiers of the Secret Circle
1 Bottle of Jack Daniels — this is the King of the Castle
Create 4 zones connected by a trail of chairs and sofa cushion as the floor is now molten lava!

And here are the rules:

Start the game with a shotgun tip-off! And shout the following: “Abe Lincoln, George Washington — Cherry Tree!”
“1, 2, 3, 4 JFK-FDR”

Aaaand that’s it. We’re left with this parting piece of advice. “Remember everything you hear in True American is a lie — knock on wood.”

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So, essentially, the rules are the same as they were before: There are no real rules. As FOX says, “The fabled True American has been passed down from generation to generation, each making their own rules for this epic game, which is 90 percent drinking with a loose Candyland-like structure — but with Stakes!”

Have you tried to play True American? What rules did you come up with?

Posted by:Jean Bentley