new girl wedding zooey deschanel 'New Girl': Nick and Jess go to a wedding, we start planning theirsIf you haven’t already registered the domain name for your Jess/Nick fansite, you may want to jump on that.

After the world sees the third episode of FOX’s “New Girl,” the will-they/won’t-they watch for the platonic roommates will officially be underway.

Yes, Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess  (Zooey Deschanel), both heartbroken dumpees, seemed destined for eventual hooking up from minute 5 of the pilot. But this is the first episode that has really shown off their absurdly convincing chemistry — and Nick’s equally adorkable skills as a leading man.

In the appropriately-titled “Wedding,” Jess attends a ceremony as Nick’s date, to make his ex, Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), jealous. Ellis, TV’s go-to actress for emotionally-manipulative ladies who have a near-supernatural thrall over men, is perfectly cast — though we do sort of want to physically fight her after Caroline leaves Nick crying in a photo booth he then decides to make his home.

But without her, we would have never seen Jess pull Nick out of that metaphorical booth, presenting the choice for him to finally move on from his self-destructive affections.

This is a pretty big episode for Nick. After Jess finally managed to expel her darkest feelings over her ex-boyfriend last week, Nick needed to join her in the land of the non-whiny. And the less they talk about their broken hearts, the more charmingly awkward exchanges and lingered glances we’ll get.

Is it too soon to start shipping these two, with the show barely out of the gate? Probably. But they’re so cute together, that’s just the way it’s got to be.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell