new girl 208 jamie lee curtis rob reiner parents thanksgiving fox 'New Girl' preview: Jess plans a 'Parent Trap' ThanksgivingWhat sort of people could have produced the Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) that we see on “New Girl”? If you had ever wondered that, give thanks: This week’s Thanksgiving-themed episode is called “Parents.” And with guest stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner playing Jess’ divorced mother and father, we can all feel grateful.

Thanksgiving dinner will be held at the loft this year, and Jess decides to invite her parents to take part in the festivities. But there’s a catch — the elder Days are divorced, and Jess’ invitation is merely a “Parent Trap” to get them to fall in love again.

You can guess how well that’s going to turn out.

What does Thanksgiving mean for each of the “New Girl” roommates?

Jess: Her attempts at rekindling love between her parents may backfire slightly. That’s because someone else may be falling for Mr. and Mrs. Day.

Nick (Jake Johnson): In a twist that may complicate all Nick-Jess shipping, “Parents” shows us that Nick basically is Jess’ father.

Schmidt (Max Greenfield): Schmidt gets to spend his Thanksgiving in a contest of pure manliness with an bigger Schmidt (guest star Rob Riggle).

Winston (Lamorne Morris): Winston just wants to eat dinner.

You can preview the episode for yourself with these videos from “Parents.”

“A Whole Lot of Nothing”

“Schmidt vs. Schmidt”

“Follow the Money”

“Parent Trap”

“Jealous Bob”

“Manhood Today Is…”

“All in the Family”

The “Parents” episode airs on Tuesday (Nov. 20) at 9pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown