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Sometimes comedies aren’t just comedies. Sometimes they’re also short little dramas with love and heartbreak and masculine garden parties. Sometimes comedies are like the “New Girl” episode, “Tinfinity.”

Even with the hilarity needed in an episode that focused on Schmidt and Nick’s 10th anniversary (as roommates), “Tinfinity” made for surprisingly touching television.

To Tinfinity and beyond!

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Nick (Jake Johnson) have lived together for 10 years and are celebrating their “tin” anniversary in this episode. Schmidt is, anyway. Nick is, as usual, not so excited about the whole thing. The self-professed Bert (to Schmidt’s Ernie) of “New Girl” does, however, want to participate.

So Schmidt lets Nick plan the port-a-potties and balloons for the event.

This being Nick, the bathroom situation involves a single, decrepit outhouse that screams “swamp” rather than “party.” Grown men weep at the sight of it. And instead of balloons, Nick gets hold of a hot-air balloon. Not that he has any way to inflate it.

Nick’s mouth

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) hasn’t gotten past the kiss yet. Rather, she’s getting kind of obsessed with Nick’s whiskey-drinking, icing-coated, epic-kissing mouth. Maybe Jess just needs a new man — an anti-Nick if you will — to move on.

She finds him in Jax McTavish (Steve Howey), a pro football player that Winston (Lamorne Morris) desperately wants to befriend. Unfortunately for Winston, Jess is cute and has breasts and stuff. Jax is immediately doomed to boyfriend territory.

Or is he? Despite Jess wanting a big and strong man who can share his feelings, Jax turns out to be a little too in-tune with his emotions. The football player’s mild infatuation with Jess turns into full-blown love (complete with spontaneous speech-making) by the end of the party.

This isn’t exactly the outcome Jess wanted.

Let’s do this thing

Cece (Hannah Simone), meanwhile, is having a slightly more welcome romantic explosion of her own. That sweet, befuddled, English boyfriend of hers (possibly named Shivrang, but maybe not) is still around.

He has managed to get the blessings of their mothers. That means, in an arranged marriage, that it’s time for the engagement to begin!

Naturally, Cece thinks this is all moving a little too fast. Also, she wants just a smidge of romance in what is supposed to be the biggest event in a girl’s love life. Instead of insta-engagement, the two just go to Schmidt and Nick’s party.

That’s where Shivrang (Satya Bhabha) gives Cece the grand romantic gesture she so desires. Usurping Schmidt’s thunder (and spotlight and DJ and confetti) on the party stage, Shivrang proposes to Cece in front of Schmidt and Robbie and everyone else.

What can Cece say but yes?

Friends 4 eva!

This is not good news for Schmidt. No matter what the situation, Schmidt still hoped to bone Cece forever after. Now he’s sad.

But at least Schmidt has a bumbling, responsibility-phobic, grumpy friend of 10 years in Nick to offer him undrinkable whiskey and conversation in these trying times.

Here’s to another 10 years!

Funny things they say

“10 years? You guys are like Bert and Ernie.” — Jess
“I got dibs on Bert!” — Nick
“Dibs on Ernie!” — Schmidt

“Why are we friends with these guys?” — Cece

“He’s like a grumpy mystery…” — Jess on Nick

“I don’t get your thing.” — Jess to the guy who talked about microchips in cereal

“The theme is masculine garden party.” — Schmidt

“I used to just think if I was being proposed to, I would notice it was happening.” — Cece

“I’m getting my mouth on that mouth and don’t you try to stop me!” — Jess

“Ah Nicholas… I have what’s called an ‘income.'” — Schmidt

“We’re serving cow-meat tacos tonight.” — Schmidt
“You mean beef?” — Shivrang
“Cow-meat tacos!” — Schmidt
“I’m not crazy… It is beef?” — Shivrang

“I’m going to marry you. I’m going to put a baby in you. We’re going to have dogs and cats. I just met my third wife!” — Jax

“I’m fine. I’m just really annoyed at the lighting cues.” — Schmidt

“I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but I always thought I was going to be the man to bone Cece for the rest of her life.” — Schmidt

“What is in that, man?!” — Schmidt
“Liquor!” — Nick

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