new girl 215 cooler kiss nick jess fox 'New Girl': Relive the kiss with show creator Liz Meriwether and some wonderful animationsIf you have not yet watched Tuesday’s (Jan. 29) episode of “New Girl,” you probably shouldn’t continue to read this article. It deals with some rather major events that took place during the “Cooler” episode and contains both animations of a certain kiss.

So go watch “Cooler.” When you are done and when you have recovered, come back here to relive that ending. If you have watched the episode, please continue. We welcome your obsession passion here!

To state the important, “New Girl” ended is most recent installment with a kiss. And oh, what a kiss! After spending half of the episode locked in a room while friends chanted for them to kiss, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) stole a surprising moment of romance in the middle of the night.

It was breathtaking.

But after awhile, it can get embarrassing to rewind the final scene of “New Girl.” Five times just starts to feel excessive, you know? But that’s what animated GIFs were invented for. Instead of keeping “Cooler” on your DVR forever and ever (although this is also a valid life choice), just check out animations made by fans just as obsessed as you!

First of all, we have the kiss in color:

new girl cooler jess nick kiss gif 'New Girl': Relive the kiss with show creator Liz Meriwether and some wonderful animationsIf this does not feel sufficiently artistic, how about a black-and-white version?

new girl cooler jess nick kiss gif bw 'New Girl': Relive the kiss with show creator Liz Meriwether and some wonderful animationsNow, if anyone ever has the nerve to question your obsession and/or sanity, you can just point them here. It’s art. Anyone can appreciate art.

How did the kiss actually happen? “It just felt right,” creator and executive producer Liz Meriwether told reporters on Wednesday. Apparently, early versions of the script did not include the big kissing scene, but then the writers felt it wouldn’t be true to the characters to pull back yet again.

“Whether it was the trench-coat…” Meriwether joked. “This kind of came out of the blue and surprised both of them.”

What’s next? Well, don’t expect the two roommates to start dating immediately. “They’re definitely not ready to be a couple,” Meriwether said. “What this is, is acknowledging that they have this strong pull for each other… I don’t think, a lot of times, one kiss leads to a relationship.”

Everyone at “New Girl,” however, is ready for more of this exploration. “They just kissed and the entire crew applauded,” Meriwether said of filming the scene. “It made me feel like I hadn’t been kissed correctly in my life.”

That kiss may have made a lot of us feel that way.

Be honest: How many times did you watch the kiss scene in “Cooler”? Did “New Girl” make the right choice in going there? Sound off in the comments!

Posted by:Laurel Brown