new girl secrets 'New Girl': Schmidt and Cece's secret is outAfter Winston discovered Schmidt and Cece’s shameful secret while accidentally transporting them to Mexico on “New Girl,” it was only a matter of time before the rest of the gang found out too.

But Winston should’ve realized it would all be out in the open immediately as soon as he told Nick, a.k.a. “sweaty back,” a notoriously terrible secret-keeper who told Jess approximately 30 seconds after he found out.

Naturally, Jess was upset that Cece had kept it a secret from her for so long — until the end of the episode when she realized Cece didn’t tell her because she actually likes Schmidt. Like, like likes him. Eek!

But the real highlight of “Secrets” was Nick realizing that Schmidt actually does know a couple of things about women. Yes — a terrifying prospect for everyone. Schmidt stepped in to give his friend a lesson in juggling girls, and guess what — he’s good at it. He’s having Indian every night, y’all! (Gross. Awful…and why we love him.)

What did you think of “Secrets”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley