new girl schmidt robby a fathers love max greenfield nelson franklin fox 'New Girl': Schmidt and Robby, a match made in CeCe loving, d bag heaven

It was kind of heartbreaking when Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and CeCe (Hannah Simone) couldn’t make their relationship work on “New Girl.” They were, after all, ridiculously cute.

But there may now be a new relationship on the show to rival this one. Schmidt has teamed up with CeCe’s other ex, Robby (Nelson Franklin), to win her back. In the process, the two white guys created a couple that may take “New Girl” to unexpected heights of adorableness.

It’s kind of funny how unexpected this is. After all, when CeCe broke things off with Robby in “Eggs,” we all kind of forgot about the guy. There was too much Schmidt to love! We just didn’t realize what we were missing — Schmidt needed a bro, a comrade-in-arms. Their new alliance is brilliant: Meant to take down all other suitors, the duo will eventually, “Highlander”-style, be the final two left to win CeCe’s heart.

Will it work?

According to Max Greenfield, probably not. “It seems as though he’ll go after [CeCe], he’ll totally screw it up, and then they’ll find a place in friendship. And once they get settled into like a normal friend relationship, he feels the need to then go after her again.”

This doesn’t mean that Robby is going to win though. As we saw in “A Father’s Love,” Robby is every bit as pathetic as Schmidt ever could be. We can only hope that the two men can continue their competition a little while longer. Greenfield seems to agree, saying that Franklin is “always a joy” to work with.

The joy gets to be ours when the two men get together.

Posted by:Laurel Brown