new girl schmidt cece 'New Girl': Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone weigh in on the future of Schmidt and CeceOne of the best developments from the latter half of “New Girl’s” freshman season is the romantic pairing of d-bag with a heart of gold Schmidt and sarcastic model Cece.
Though he’d been gunning for Jess’ hot friend since their first meeting, Cece wanted nothing to do with him until he eventually wore her down.

When Zap2it caught up with the cast at the show’s Paley Fest panel, we asked Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt, how his character managed that coup. “Why do I think he won her over,” he asks. “Wit…”

“Charcuterie,” interjects costar Zooey Deschanel. “Chut-e-ney.”

Greenfield continues: “Charm, chut-e-ney, mispronunciation of words…”

“Turlet,” Deschanel adds.

Truthfully, Greenfield says, he thinks it’s persistence. “It’s a good message for America — if you keep focused on a goal and you never give up, you
can achieve anything.”

Hannah Simone, who plays Cece, also wonders how her character manages to fall for Schmidt. “What is she thinking?! It shocks me every
episode that it does continue,” she admits. “I had a feeling when we shot ‘Cece Crashes’ and
they had that moment in bed together in their pajamas and they both confessed
that they hate sleeping alone and just feel asleep together. I was like ‘ah
man, they just let their guards down, this is a sign for trouble.’ And sure
enough, they’re getting cozy together.”

Realistically, though, the two do have a lot in common. “He’s such a
crazy character, but I think down on their vulnerable insecure little level they
get each other. [It’s] something you can’t fight when that happens in life,”she says.

For the time being, the pair are continuing to keep their trysts a secret — but it might not stay that way for long. “[The roommates] might find out,” Greenfield says. “Schmidt is holding on for dear life
to this one. He’s trying not to let go, but he’s doing alright.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley