As if you hadn’t fallen completely in love with Schmidt on FOX’s “New Girl” already, a new video starring Max Greenfield as his lovable character will make you a little more smitten. And we mean “smitten” in that “awww, completely adorable and horrifying” kind of way, not the “oh, sexy” kind of way.

In this newly released video, check out Schmidt’s online dating profile from 2008, in which our favorite clueless bro decides the best way to get chicks is to appeal to their love of “The Hills.” It’s not a completely wrong angle to take — we ladies do love us some Lauren Conrad (we don’t know why either) — but the way he went about it was so very wrong.
Check out Schmidt’s recreation of the “Hills” opening credits — Natasha Bedingfield included — in an attempt to get girls. We’d like to point out that the funniest part isn’t even how he points out his best qualities via adjectives scrawled across the screen in that sparkly “Hills” font, it’s actually that he’s interacting with HIMSELF instead of his group of pals. Priceless.
Posted by:Jean Bentley