new girl season 2 finale jess nick elaine big day recap fox 'New Girl' Season 2 finale: 'Cotton Eyed Joe,' un calling Jess and Nick, and a badger beat the wedding in 'Elaine's Big Day'

“New Girl” may have just given its viewers one of the most satisfying season enders in history with its Season 2 finale episode, “Elaine’s Big Day.” It had everything! A wedding — and a relationship — broke up in spectacular fashion. Jess and Nick kissed before riding off into the night. There was a huge guest star in Taylor Swift. A badger played a major role.

What more could anyone want?

Does this mean “Cotton Eyed Joe” is Jess and Nick’s song?

Who would have expected that a silly — but catchy! — song would be the thing that destroyed Cece’s wedding but simultaneously cemented Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) as a couple? Because they are most definitely a couple now.

It was touch-or-go for a bit, of course. Jess didn’t want to have anything to do with an immature Nick who would play pranks to disrupt a wedding. And Nick got angry because Jess thought him immature — something that definitely touched a nerve.

By the time the wedding was over, Nick and Jess had reached a mutual decision to call it. Their relationship was never going to happen.

But then …

See, this is why “New Girl” is a truly great show. Instead of ending the season on a down note and forcing its characters to engage in soul-searching for another half-season or more, “New Girl” knows that sometimes it’s time to just go with it. Jess and Nick together may be a stupid idea, and it may end badly. But it’s sure going to be fun in the meantime!

After all, as Nick’s dad explained to him years before, it’s the stuff that happens when you’re not thinking about consequences and logic that are the best of all.

Elaine gets Cece’s happy ending

It was always a long-shot that Cece (Hannah Simone) would actually go through with her arranged marriage to Shivrang (Satya Bhabha). This is almost too bad, since Shivrang turned out to be a super-sweet guy who was a great addition to “New Girl.” Plus, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) had actually moved on from Cece to reconnect with the super-awesome Elizabeth (Merritt Wever).

Stupid Taylor Swift coming along to ruin everything … Although, to be fair to Taylor (aka, Elaine), the wedding was off before she emerged from the crowd to recapture Shivrang’s heart with her Presbyterian wiles.

You see, Cece really didn’t want to marry her perfect Indian beau. She was still hung up on Schmidt.

As for Schmidt, it is a huge point in the favor of “New Girl” that Schmidt didn’t actually decide between Elizabeth and Cece. He just ran.

This could be awfully fun next season.

Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger …

Click here if you don’t get the reference and want to hear the song that should have been the theme of this episode.

There was a badger in “Elaine’s Big Day.” Why was there a badger? Why was Winston (Lamorne Morris) so very obsessed with said badger?

I haven’t got the faintest idea. All I know is that Winston — for all his level-headedness, weird pranks and sidekick-status — has totally been making his presence felt on “New Girl” lately. If that means stealing, releasing and then getting attacked by a badger, so be it. Winston makes all of that fun.

Quotes (so many quotes …)

“Go directly to the Chinatown trash can where you got that suit.” — Bob to Nick

“He said if I could get it over my thighs, I could have it.” — Nick on wearing Schmidt’s worst suit

“Basically, they’re just copying my bar mitzvah.” — Schmidt

“That is Bucky the Badger! The Wisconsin state mascot!” — Winston

“He’s got a weird thing about badgers.” — Nick about Winston

“I will bust you hard! And then I’m gonna bust you hard.” — Jess to Nick

“Does anybody have a jar?” — Nick, desperately needing a douchebag jar for Schmidt

“This is embarrassing.” — Shivrang on a horse

“What is happening to you? You’re wearing a suit, you’re carrying her purse, you’re wearing deodorant. Under both arms!” — Schmidt to Nick

“Ow, my testicles!” — Shivrang on a runaway horse
“Don’t get on the highway!” — Jess

“What’s done is done, Nicholas. I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to.” — Winston, going too far with the prank

“How gullible to do you think I am? You’re fist-pumping right now!” — Jess
“I’m not fist-pumping! It’s so catchy!” — Nick on “Cotton Eyed Joe”

“It was Winston’t idea … ” — Schmidt about the prank
“Oh. My. God!” — Jess

“Tell me, or so help me God, I will mess up your hair. Your precious hair!” — Jess to Schmidt

“Winston is in the air ducts with a badger.” — Schmidt

“I’m the kind of guy who likes to enjoy the AC. Not see how the sausage is made.” — Schmidt

“This is where I belong! With Winston and a badger!” — Nick

“I’m just staying positive, but I think this is where we die.” — Winston

“Sometimes I think that I never really felt love, you know? You know?” — Winston, alone in the ducts

“I’m the Maid of Honor. I’m also the person who just fell the roof with my friend, Nick Miller, here.” — Jess

“It’s not because of the horse. Or the badger. Or ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe.’ This isn’t what I want. What I want is to be with someone else.” — Cece

“I don’t care what my family says. I want to marry you. In a Presbyterian church!” — Shivrang to Elaine

“I’ve loved you since the first grade! And I’m so lonely without you, I just lay awake at night and I just write about you in my journal and paint pictures of you on my easel.”– Elaine

“I feel slightly rejected.” — Cece
“Well you were slightly rejected. Are you okay?” — Jess
“I’m not as good as Elaine.” — Cece
“Who could be?” — Jess

“It’s not like we were in love or anything.” — Nick to Jess, being wrong

“Bucky bit me. He bit me bad. So I’m pretty dizzy.” — Winston
“Okay.” — Nick
“So what happened with Jess?” — Winston

“You know, there are other moves.” — Winston to Nick about not just drinking when things go wrong

“Hey bartender — can you call an ambulance? I’m about to bleed out. Thanks.” — Winston

“I wanna un-call it. Please, can we un-call it? And before you say no … Don’t say no.” — Jess to Nick

“Hey, give me the keys.” — Nick
“Where are we going?” — Jess
“I don’t know. Where did we come from? Where do we go?” — Nick

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