new girl season 2 premiere zooey deschanel 'New Girl' Season 2 pictures plus what to expect from the premiereJess had finally settled into a groove with her three roommates at the end of “New Girl” Season 1, but her daily life will be majorly disrupted when she loses her job in the “New Girl” Season 2 premiere.

That’s not really a big spoiler, since it happens in the first few minutes of the episode. But since we don’t want to ruin the whole thing — but we still want to give you some tidbits about the hilarious new year — here are a few teases of what to expect from the first of FOX comedy’s brand new episodes on Tuesday, Sept. 25, plus some brand-new photos from Season 2.

PICTURES: “Schmidt Happens” and more of Schmidt’s best quotes

1. “Groove is in the Heart” gets the biggest exposure it’s had since approximately 1992. Since it’s sung by not one but two of the roommates during the ep, it’s sure to be stuck in your head for at least a day afterwards. You might want to cue the earworm up in your iTunes to help you remove it from your brain as quickly as possible.

2. Ever seen a penis cast? You will now. Not only does Schmidt finally get it removed, he brings the smelly, sweaty thing home as a trophy to show his roommates. Gross. Sorry if you’re reading this at work. Attention company IT departments scanning your computer for weird stuff: this is totally not what you think.

3. Speaking of Schmidt, Fat Schmidt is back! It’s only for a hot second in a brief flashback, but those chubby cheeks and that grey hoodie sure do resonate.

4. Fire — it’s the most dangerous element of all the elements. You’ll get this later.

5. Nick and Jess share some great moments. But no, there’s no love connection just yet. Can’t you people just let their friendship blossom in peace?

Check out some new Season 2 photos below and in this gallery. We’ll leave you with one more fun tidbit gleaned from the season premiere: Winston is secure enough in his masculinity to enjoy a tropical fruit adult beverage or ten, but be warned — he gets weird when he drinks that stuff.

new girl season 2 david walton 'New Girl' Season 2 pictures plus what to expect from the premierenew girl parker posey 'New Girl' Season 2 pictures plus what to expect from the premiere
new girl season 2 future nick 'New Girl' Season 2 pictures plus what to expect from the premiere

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