lizzy caplan new girl fox 'New Girl' Season 2: Will Lizzy Caplan return as Nick's ex girlfriend Julia?Season 2 of FOX’s “New Girl” premieres on Sept. 25, bringing back Max Greenfield’s Schmidt-isms, Zooey Deschanel’s Bambi eyes and, if we’re lucky, perhaps a visit from one of our favorite Season 1 guest stars — Lizzy Caplan.

During a four-episode story arc in the show’s first season, Caplan played Nick’s (Jake Johnson) love interest, who caused him to spin out — somewhat out of the blue — into an insecure, multiple-voicemail-leaving mess when she sent him a cactus while she was away on business. He thought the gift was a sign that she was going to break up with him, and while it wasn’t, she did break up with him for his crazy tailspin. But do these two have some unfinished business that might bring Caplan back to the show?

“I ran into a couple of [‘New Girl’ cast members] the other day, and I told them I would love to come back for an episode or two,” Caplan tells Zap2it. “It’s such a fun, easy job.”

Sure, lots of fans are crying out for some Jess (Deschanel) and Nick action, but maybe the second season is still too soon, leaving some space for Caplan’s Julia to cruise back into the picture.

What do you think? Should Julia return to “New Girl”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper